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2 talented producers/deejays from Vienna, Austria.
Real names: Robert Moispointner, Roman Malcsik

1. How old are you? and where did you grow up? Where are you based now?
Roman: I am 27, and i grew up in Austria (Vienna), and i am still here.
Robert: I am 24, and i also grew up in Austria (Mödling) and now i live in Vienna.

2. How long have you been producing music?

Roman: I occupy myself with music since many years. Since 4 years we produce your own tracks
Robert: I started in the year 2000 to play my own tracks on events

3. What kind of equipment do you use in the studio?

Roman/Robert: Cubase SX and other Software (Reason, Wavelab …..), Accesss Virus b, Nordlead 2, Roland JP-8000, Roland PC-300 Masterkeyboard, Behringer Virtualizer, Behringer Mixer, some Microphones and Turntables

4. What got you started into hardcore?

Roman: My first Hardcore event was in the year 1991 and this event was the beginning of my Hardcore life.I saw the DJ´s on the turntabels and the whole party crowd dance to there sounds. >From this moment on i worked hard to become also a good DJ and the people should also dance to my sounds.
Robert: The beginning of my Hardcore time was in 1996 with the Thunderdome sounds .Than i started to visit the Hardcore events in Austria,Holland and Germany.
From this day on i knew that Hardcore will be a great part of my life.

5. Who do you like in hardcore? Ie. other producers, artists, djs, etc.
Roman: I don´t have favourite DJ´s or producers, i like all kind of styles
Robert: I don´t have special artists who are favourites, but it´s important to identify with the own sounds

6. Current top 5 hardcore records?

1. Scott Brown=> Ghosts
2. Tha Playa=> Tha Bounce
3. Angerfist=> Sting like a Scorpion
4. Omar Santana & DJ Sabotage=>This shit is mine
5. Menace II Society=>Alkoholik

1. Neophyte=>Rotterdam Gabber
2. Bodylotion=>How much can you take (Catscan Rmx)
3. Angerfist=>Meniac Killa
4.Randy and The Reactor =>East Coast West Coast
5.Chosen Few=>Name of the DJ

7. Do you only do studio work or do you also dj? If so, what was your favorite party or rave?
Roman: At the moment i mostly be in the studio, but i am a DJ since 1991 and i have played on many parties.
I am waiting for the international break-through! No favourites, let´s have party!
Robert: At the moment i am only producing!My favourit party was the Hellraiserparty 1996 in Amsterdam Zuid Sporthall.

8. What other types of music do you like ? Also, do you produce other types of music?
Roman: I like all types of music!We produce only Hardcore at the moment, but in the future i will also produce some good Hardstyle tracks.
Robert: Strictly Hardcore!

9. Please list 3 things that piss you off.
Roman: War, ignorance and intolerant people
Robert: Racism, war and people who said that Hardcore is still dead.

10.Any last comments or peace outs?
Roman: Peace, Love and Unite!
Robert: Hardcore rulez the world!

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