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    Greatest Musicians by Countries (147 Countries)

    Greatest Films by Countries

    1. Klaus Doldinger- Germany - J
    2. Adoniran Barbosa- Brazil - Sm
    3. Maurice Andre- France - Trumpet
    4. Carlos Paredes- Portugal - Guitar
    5. Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli- Italy - Piano
    6. Sofia Gubaidulina- Russia - MdC
    7. Guillermo Portabales- Cuba - Son
    8. Sound Dimension- Jamaica - Rg
    9. Anouar Brahem Trio- France - J
    10. Phil Spector- United States of America - P

    11. Jussi Björling- Sweden - VcO
    12. Emil Gilels- Ukraine - Piano
    13. Tuomari Nurmio- Finland - Ss
    14. Giora Feidman- Argentina - Clarinet
    15. Ewa Demarczyk- Poland - Snp
    16. TISM- Australia - AlR
    17. Fishmans- Japan - Db
    18. Aldo Ciccolini- Italy - Piano
    19. Invisible- Argentina - PrgR
    20. Alain Goraguer- France - J
    21. Ton Koopman- Netherlands - CnC
  • Movers and shakers - comparing this year to a year ago.

    6 May 2010, 15:07 by cptirrelevant

    For my own reference, let's see how the top 20 of the past year compares to the year before.

    1) Eels (from 9) ^ 8
    -rose because I bought
    Useless Trinkets and put it on my pc. The sheer number of songs makes it a new favourite for the shuffle. However, I also love this collection. Eels' b-sides are possibly more brilliant gems than the hits, because they're even more quirky, and quirkiness has always been the main strength of E's songwriting.

    -I have grown a bit fonder of Eels than I used to be. But in essence not that much has changed. There was simply too little Eels on my pc before.

    -Eels will sooner or later be the number one of all time. Unstoppable essentially.

    2) The Beatles (from 2) -
    -unchanging. The Beatles forever? In a word: yes. I've heard 11-year olds this year discussing whether a song was onRubber Soul or Revolver. Even Elvis seems to be waning in popularity now, and Bob Dylan is still famous but not as famous as he used to be. …
  • Liefde

    19 Aug 2009, 11:34 by Hippiemans

    Hans Teeuwen
    Verleid me, verstik me,
    pak m’n vrijheid af.
    Bemin me, beperk me,
    ga je gang, ik ben laf.

    Je wil samensmelten,
    - een onnozel idee -
    Maar ik ben romantisch,
    ik ga d’r in mee…

    Kneed me en knecht me,
    wees lief en gemeen.
    Gun me de plek
    van het blok aan je been.

    Als jij mijn vrouw bent,
    ben ik je man.
    Dan vechten we samen,
    voor dat wat niet kan.

    We doen nóg meer water bij onze wijn,
    totdat er alléén nog maar water zal zijn.
    Helder maar smaakloos, geen kleur meer, geen gloed,
    zo leven we samen, de dood tegemoet.

    Weg met de eenzaamheid, leve de sleur,
    jaloezie, irritatie, gesprekken, gezeur.
    De liefde geeft hoop, de liefde heeft zin,
    de liefde is een valstrik, maar ik trap er zo graag in.

    Steeds dezelfde fouten,
    steeds dezelfde pijn.
    Bijna net zo gruwelijk,
    als helemaal alleen te zijn.

    Misschien is het deze keer anders,
    misschien is het deze keer waar.
    Is alle wijsheid van de wereld maar een fout,
  • The Eagles of Death Metal / The Hummingbirds

    26 Jul 2009, 17:08 by wmterhaar

    Tue 30 Jun – Eagles of Death Metal

    De kracht van de herhaling en een hoop showmanschap.

    The Hummingbirds zijn een beetje een apart stel. De zanger/gitarist praat precies als een van Hans Teeuwens meer maniakale creaties, de andere gitarist trekt vooral veel gekke bekken en de drummer is een soort Neanderthaler. De zanger verklaart - op die hyperactieve Hans Teeuwenmanier dus - dat ze "heel erg blij zijn dat ze in het voorprogramma van hun favoriete band mogen spelen". Door een totaal gebrek aan goede gitaarideeën is het voor het publiek een minder leuke ervaring, al moet gezegd worden dat The Hummingbirds wel goed zijn in het verzinnen van meezingchants van het type "Oeh! Ah! Oeh! Ah!"

    Eagles of Death Metalzanger en showman bij uitstek Jesse 'The Devil' Hughes heeft er zin in. Het is een mooie zomeravond, de Watt is uitverkocht, zijn moeder bevindt zich in het publiek en in de omgeving van de West-Kruiskade is gemakkelijk wat aanvullende blijheid bij te kopen. …
  • great show on different levels

    20 Jun 2009, 21:22 by Bertels

    Wed 17 Jun – Hans Teeuwen zingt. Leidsche Schouwburg, Leiden.

    Last December Coach Bertels was in the mood for jazz, ideal for a sing along evening with Frank Sinatra repertoire. C14 was also interested, so two tickets were purchased for December 12th 2008. Some weeks before the show Coach Bertels got a letter from the venue stating that the show was cancelled due to certain reasons and a new date was available, was that ok for Coach? Naturally Bertels couldn’t refuse the new date, and because it was to be in the spring Coach foresaw a nice sunny day and great warm evening before and after the show. As the new date closed in on the Coach and C14, tension rose and the question if Hans Teeuwen would be funny on stage got the overhand. Hans is normally a comedian in daily life and does Jazz evenings from time to time just to blow off steam. The jokes he normally makes as a comedian are the ones that are loved by young folks because of the extremely hard and humiliating character. …
  • Why all my top 20 artists suck

    4 May 2009, 23:46 by cptirrelevant

    Yes, I thought I'd have a go at this as well. Why do all the artists I listen to most actually suck? Why is none of them more than a guilty pleasure or a snobby badge of intellectualism?

    20) Simon & Garfunkel

    Ah, yes. The folk "duo" that got immortalized by making just one good album. "Duo" because it's really just Paul Simon who decided to give his background singer an equal role. Well, officially. In a duet with Joan Baez he actually says "way better than Artie". But that's not because Baez is good, just that Garfunkel is unbelievably bland. And that's basically what Simon & Garfunkel boils down to. Sound of Silence? Heck, compared to that song silence is a rollercoaster ride. John Cage writes more catchy tunes. Bridge Over Troubled water is vaguely obscene, but that's about it. Singing a song slower doesn't make it better, it just makes you zone out.

    19) Moxy Früvous

    Seriously? Moxy Früvous. …
  • Pff I'm bored .. :-)

    18 Aug 2007, 19:33 by keune

    1. How did you get into 29?
    Urbanus. Because of my parents :D they are also a big fan.

    2. What was the first song you ever heard by 22?
    The Feeling. I think it was Sewn.

    3. What's your favorite lyric by 33?
    The Rakes. You are not an open book, I can't do nothing 'bout that...

    4. What is your favorite album by 49?
    Stijn. I don't know .. :D

    5. How many albums by 13 do you own?
    Bloc Party. 2: Silent Alarm and A Weekend In the City

    6. What is your favorite song by 50?
    Simple Plan. Welcome to my Life

    7. Is there a song by 39 that makes you sad?
    KBC. No way, that couldn't be! :D

    8. What is your favorite song by 15?
    The Fratellis. Chelsea Dagger :)

    9. What is your favorite song by 5?
    Kaiser Chiefs. Everything Is Average Nowadays

    10. Is there a song by 6 that makes you happy?
    Arctic Monkeys. Mardy Bum :)

    11. What is your favorite album by 40?
    Linkin Park. Minutes to Midnight

    12. What is your favorite song by 10?
  • Top 50...with a twist

    20 Oct 2006, 20:24 by Kikuichimonji

    I saw this in another journal somewhere and I won't hesitate to steal ideas. Basically, this is my top 50...redone. I checked how many songs of each artist I had on my PC. Then I divided the total number of tracks played by the number of songs on my pc. I think this Top 50 represents my musical taste a lot better then the 'normal one'.

    Column 1 is the rank in the plays/songs charts
    Column 2 is the rank in my 'normal' top 50
    Column 3 is the artist name
    Column 4 is the total tracks played according to
    Column 5 is the number of songs on my PC
    Column 6 is the result of dividing columns 4 and 5.

    1.___1. Interpol 652/38 = 17,2
    2.___7. Panic! at the Disco 123/13 = 9,5
    3.___31. Godspeed You! Black Emperor 36/5 = 7,2
    4.___15. Infadels 78/13 = 6,0
    5.___17. Nirvana 73/13 = 5,6
    6.___4. Muse 213/39 = 5,5
    7.___24. Hard-Fi 58/11 = 5,3
    8.___5. Michael Jackson 182/36 = 5,1
    9.___42. Alice Cooper 20/4 = 5,0
    10.___12. Editors 87/17 = 4,9
    11.___20. Bloc Party 63/13 = 4,8
    12.___13. Franz Ferdinand 86/24 = 3,6
  • Hans Teeuwen

    31 Jul 2006, 08:51 by FijneWIET

    Dutch comedians have a tradition of impersonating existing well-known individuals.
    Hans Teeuwen rather shows the existential (psychological) barriers between incompatible characters.
    When these personalities try to interact it inevitably gets twisted and results in a mindf[_]ck.
    Most surprising are the extreme transitions Teeuwen makes.
    He can be a tortured poetic soul seeking truth, turn into a sadistic drunk hooligan, morph into a mental retard and change back to the initial poet within one act leaving his audience flabbergasted.
    In 2005 Hans Teeuwen retired from the cabaret to focus on other media and forms of art, especially movies.
  • Trousers

    2 Apr 2006, 13:43 by BRMExtrEmE

    This has been the most sucky week for me ever, so here I am doing relatively funny things on Last.FM!
    Immature? Yes! Original? No! Funny nonetheless? Yes!
    I've got an itch in my pants. Uhmmm... Never mind, let's just do the obvious, music player on random yadayada:

    1. Slipknot - I Am Hated In My Pants ( :( )
    2. Foo Fighters - Times Like These In My Pants (that's better!)
    3. Röyksopp - Remind Me In My Pants (not that I can forget about it)
    4. Nirvana - Drain You In My Pants (that's the plan yeah!)
    5. Hans Teeuwen - Kikvorsman In My Pants (hahaha, Dutch for scubadiver)
    6. Bloodhound Gang - The Vagina Song In My Pants (nobody read that...)
    7. The Presidents of the United States of America - Some Postman In My Pants (pssshhttt, not just SOME postman! I'm not a slut or something :P )
    8. Green Day - Outsider In My Pants (I know my pants pretty well thank you very much)
    9. They Might Be Giants - Whistling In The Dark In My Pants (I'm sure it's dark down there o_0)