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  • on software and rising computational abilities.

    11 May 2008, 11:22 by 0k0k0k0

    being the total failure in computer science that i am, i shall instead attempt to piece together a few words of thought regarding the evolution of software complexity in relation to storage size.

    before the advent of multigigabyte (terabyte nowadays) end-user systems program design often took the utilitarian view, evidenced by lackluster UIs of olde and cumbersome circumlocutions when issuing commands. programmers then had to make do with working in cramped quarters, squeezing in everything of import (the primary functions for their specific tasks) while sacrificing others (all other code for human aesthetic tastes and conveniences - examples of which are status messages, prompt design, the various methods of depicting currently running processes, etc). all within 640-kilobyte machines and even less.

    those were the only things computers then can store and operate.

    a few decades later give or take a year or so as advances had been made in both hardware and software left, right and center programs…