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    2006 – present (11 years)

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HIZAKI grace project was the continuation of HIZAKI's solo-project , which utilized stable members rather than guest musicians (which was the case with releases that were released under HIZAKI). Their music style can be described as a fusion of , and .

The original line-up:
Vo. HIKARU (ex IZABEL VAROSA, currently in PIECElang)
Gt. HIZAKI (ex Crack brain, Schwardix Marvally, Versailles, Jupiter)
Ba. Yuu (勇) (ex 雀羅(Jakura) later in Versailles passed away August 9th 2009)

The last line-up:
Vo. Juka (ex Moi dix Mois, XOVER, VII-Sense)
Gu. HIZAKI (ex GARNET GRAVE, Crack brain, Schwardix Marvally, SULFURIC ACID, Versailles, Jupiter)
Gu. TERU (ex 藍華柳~Aikaryu~, Versailles, Jupiter)
Ba. Yuu (勇) (ex 雀羅(Jakura) later in Versailles passed away August 9th 2009)
Dr. Mikage (美景) (ex バビロン (Babylon), currently in VII-Sense)

HIZAKI grace project first began in 2006. With the first line-up they released the song "Race Wish" in the "Graceful Playboys" compilation and a coupling CD with the band +ISOLATION named "unique", providing two songs: "cradle" (instrumental) and "solitude" (with HIKARU on vocals).

With the second line-up they released the song "cradle" on the "SUMMIT 03" compilation and finally a full album on January 1st, 2007 entitled "Dignity of crest". They played a concert named "Eien no Kokuin" at Meguro Rock May Kan.
On February 7th, 2007, released on the "Monshou" DVD on May, 9th 2007.

The band released their second album, "Ruined Kingdom," featuring 10 tracks, 3 new ones, and 7 tracks from their lives (〜2007.02.17目黒鹿鳴館〜), also release on Moshou.

Their last release was entitled "Curse of Virgo" and was released on December 26, 2007, and it contained all instrumental tracks. With this release, HIZAKI was the only credited member of HIZAKI grace project.

All of HIZAKI grace project's releases went out of print quickly, and due to this all releases (excluding -unique- and Dignity of Crest, which were on Sequence Records' label, not Sherow Artist Society) were later reissued on September 24, 2008. All releases featured alternate jacket artwork and remastered tracks. Nothing has been released since. Due to this, most consider the project to be over, however no official disbandment was ever announced.

In 2007 HIZAKI, Kamijo (ex LAREINE), TERU (ex 藍華柳~Aikaryu~) and Yuu (ex 雀羅, who changed his name to Jasmine You), formed the band Versailles. This band achieved major status as of June 2009 and is currently signed to Warner Japan. To the dismay of the visual scene, Jasmine You passed away on August 9, 2009.

Most recently, HIZAKI is a member of Jupiter along with TERU, Yuki and Masahi.

Juka launched his solo career with the help of HIZAKI, Cecir, Yuze (both are currently in E'm~grief~), and Kamijo under the label "Sherow Artist Society." He then left the musical scene for a little while due to health issues but returned under a new alias: Shaura. With his new beginning, Juka formed a duet with Kouichi (of Everlasting-K) named XOVER. This band lasted less than a year due to Shaura's departure to form a new band with the former leader of Dio - distraught overlord, Erinia. His last band was named VII-Sense and it featured Mikage as their drummer. Shaura/Juka has since retired from the musical scene, and Mikage has gone on to continue his work as a support drummer.

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