• Favorite Albums - Top 30

    26 Nov 2008, 02:54 by Trossles

    More than just my favorite artists and songs. I like these albums because I can enjoy usually 100% of it.

    1. Illinois -Sufjan Stevens

    I am in awe of him every time I hear any of his music. But this album in particular is amazing. I love the state concept albums he's done, and this did so much more to improve on the already awesome Michigan concept album. From the soft, beautiful "Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois," the aching "John Wayne Gacy Jr.," the flawless "Come on Feel the Illinoise," bouncy "The Tallest Man, the Broadest Shoulders," and the most popular (for a reason) "Chicago," it's nothing but perfection. Even the lyricless tracks offer catchy melodies and beats. It's really a perfect album, in my opinion.

    2. Y's - Joanna Newsom

    I was introduced to Joanna Newsom about a year ago. I mostly listened to Milk-Eyed Mender first, but I've grown to enjoy this album even more. …
  • Very Nice, How Much?

    17 Dec 2006, 23:54 by BodieM

    So made me a CD, the aptly titled Very Nice, How Much. Basically anything a 4 or a 5 I can listen; anything less is a skip.

    Gypsy's Kolo A prominent song from Borat. I do not like this pause not. 4/5

    Chicago (Acoustic) Of the Sufjan tracks I've listened to, I mostly disliked them quite a bit, however, I like this acoustic track a lot. Maybe I'll listen to more of his material, acoustic in particular. 4/5

    Running to Stand Still I've never been a big U2 fan. Then again I've never listened to much of their stuff. Still, don't like this song much. 2/5

    Little Yellow Spider It seems I like this guy's sound a lot. I need to get the tracklist from Kat for the cd she made of him. 4/5

    Mary May and Bobby This song I believe made "Pretty Day", but I like it. I like Purdy's style, it seems he has a faint hint of country, but it's a good hint. (I detest country music) I need to hear more of Mr. Purdy. 4/5

  • Bottoms of Barrels / Ganging up on the Sun

    27 Jun 2006, 15:58 by crazyasitsounds

    Bottoms of Barrels
    Let me start by saying that call-&-response, organ, & prominent percussion are three of my favorite musical characteristics. Bottoms of Barrels, therefore, is a perfect album for me. Jamie Williams's tap dancing gives songs like Bad Education a driving, unique, urgent sound. Tilly & The Wall sound a little too much like Bright Eyes when Derek Pressnall sings tracks like Love Song , & the intro to Urgency sounds like a sped-up Daydream Believer, but the rest of the album more than makes up for those two minor complaints. Bad Education is a driving, percussion-driven track with a catchy call-&-response/alternating vocal section near the end. Lost Girls, Love Song, The Freest Man, & Coughing Colors are slower, mellower songs with gorgeous lyrics. The album as a whole has a great balance of driving tracks & more laid-back songs that make it a great listen from top to bottom. I think I'm officially a Tilly & The Wall fan.

    Ganging Up on the Sun
  • Real Time Review: Guster's "Ganging Up on the Sun"

    23 Jun 2006, 04:22 by IWakeUpStrange

    This past Tuesday marked the release of Ganging Up on the Sun, the fifth studio release from my 4th favourite band in the world, Guster, who I'll be road-tripping to see next month when they stop in Birmingham, Alabama on their summer tour with co-headliner Ray LaMontagne. Should be a good show.

    Tonight was my first time listening to the album. Here are my thoughts on it, as they came to me.

    1. Lightning Rod - Slow opener. Doesn't exactly get the attention.
    2. Satellite - My friend Kelley's right. The opening does sound like Two Way Monolouge. Why do so many artists I like reference satellites? Why did I write a story about one?
    3. [track artist=Guster]Manifest Destiny
    - Wow. The "fucked" in the first verse threw me, but this turned into a great song. This is probably the most quintesstentially Guster sounding song since...I don't know when. Like this is what Guster should sound like. You want to know what Guster is about? Listen to this song. It's a good place to start.