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"We are Guilt Trip. We exist in the in between as existence is relative. We destroy to create, oppose to liberate and sodomize to not be victimized. We are the splinter in our brother’s and sister’s eye. We spit in the face of “truth”, “reality” and authority. Deconstruct, revaluate, resist, react and expand. Guilt Trip. Banging on the walls of reality. Eternal warfare is the price of that existence. Eternally returning. To be sane we have to go out of our minds. We can be our mind’s own midwife. The normal is perverse so we’ll slit throats to help with the breathing. Extreme conditions demand extreme responses. Guilt Trip. Sometimes personal but always political as the personal is political. Everything is ideology. A false universe. Rules + submission = culture. Disobey. Tear it all down and start again. Guilt Trip are one of a number, part of a whole, individuals in a collective. Subjects trapped in construed positions, smashing our heads against that cage. A cure for history. New hammers, new rhythms, new chants. Guilt Trip is beyond good and evil. Pretentious? Yes, but for a reason, so open the blood gates and pack your bags. We’re going on a Guilt Trip.”

Categorically refusing categorisation they hold and define a category all of their own. Musically situated in the in between. Filled with contradiction and resistance, urging a change in the individual, wanting liberation from preconceived ideas

Guilt Trip are back, newly braptised, born-again. Guilt Trip, fierce and unrelenting in their critique of sheepish sleepwalking and internalised norms, the self policing psyche. Musically drowning your senses, never pleased with just pleasing the hoi polloi; lyrically urging you off the deep end, to think, react and resist. What at times may seem like a defeatist attitude is really an appeal for action. Rooted in North American and European electronic industrial they still follow their own path, strewn with thorns and paved with a mosaic of influences. Look closely then take a step back to get the whole picture. Get ready for the Braptism! Submerge yourself and become a disciple. But remember: Disciples of Guilt Trip do not follow, they lead.

Live footage and more is found in the following locations:

http://www.facebook.com/guilttripswe - band updates and exclusive content

http://brap.org - official home

Guilt Trip- A hardcore band from Cleveland, OH.

Guilt Trip are a hardcore/metal crossover band from Cleveland, OH who formed in late 2011 and released their demo titled "Demo-Lition" in January 2012.
Guilt Trip's Facebook page can be found at /GuiltTripClevo.

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