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There are at least couple of bands that go by the Grist name:

1) Grist is a ritual drone black shamanic dark ambient project by A Demon Sheen, focusing on harnessing subconscious synchronicities to create raw mono dreamscapes from found sounds and other recorded sources. His slogans for the project include "NO INSTRUMENTS / NO COMPOSITION", and "MONO IS THE NEW NEKRO".


2)Genre: Glam rock/Emo/Punk/light rock
Line up:
Marco - Vocals & Guitar
PenPen - Guitar
Jonathan - Bass & Backing Vocals
Xarper - Drums
Sammeli - Keyboard
Grist was born in autumn 2005 when Xarper and Jonathan started to think about having a rock band.
So they asked Marco to sing and play guitar in the band.
Marco told to the band about Penpen, who was an excellent guitarist.
Finally Grist was born and the guys started to practice and make songs together.
Later they got a new member in the band, called Wilde, who plays keyboards.
Now Grist’s music is much deeper and massive. Their first single is called "Sounds like rock!”, on this one you can find the songs: Nighttime Life, So Naive and Breaking Moments, which have the sound of energic rock`N`roll. Nowadays Grist`s music is melancholic, melodic rock. they have had several concerts up to present. Wilde left from the band and he was replaced by Sammeli.

In 2008 Band members decided to go their seperated ways but they realeased their final demo "Everything"

3) GRiST is japanese visula kei rock band. Genre: Visual kei/rock

They have just released just on maxi single called "「new born」"


4) Is Rock/Grunge band from South Dakota United States

Grist was formed not too long ago in a place not so far away by a man not too much different from you. He doesn't expect to be loved. He doesn't expect to be admired. He has been homeless, hopeless, jobless, and restless for far too long to entertain the notion of satisfaction. He only hopes you love his music. Grist is grunge. It is clean by being unclean. It is pure by being impure. It is power. Most of all, it is raw. More info: http://www.myspace.com/gristgrunge

5) Is Acoustic Rock band from United States

Grist is a mixture of grain that is used in making a delicious beer. Our band is a mixture of guys that make a great band. The Four of us met at our local brewery and the singer and drummer are still employed there. Through our freinds there, our music has grown from their support and encouragement. The accessability of our style seemes to reach all demographics and we look forward to a prospirous career ahead of us! I dedicate my music to my mom and my god, who have finally found each other. Until we meet in heaven, all I do is for you! More info: http://www.myspace.com/gristmusic

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