• For Funerals To Come (Doom Metal Compilations)

    3 Feb 2012, 18:18 by DetoxScission

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    That's right, i'm still here!

    With the popularity of my two previous different sets of compilations, I decided to take a chance on a third, but directed towards a much smaller audience. That's right, it's time to shine the spotlight on the doomsters! To my complete surprise, the 'Buried In The North' set I built for 'Old School' Canadian Death Metal has been well received and has accumulated over 150 downloads (That's good for me with the lack of promotion that I actually do). That was actually my secondary build as my first sets (Which are actually still growing and up to Volume 10 as of this writing) were the dreaded Nu/Alternative Metal area. Yeah, that's right... I LIKE that type of music. Deal with it! But that had a good level of popularity too, as the first 5 volumes of those sets accumulated over 200 downloads each and the later volumes are starting to pick up speed as well. …