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What would later be known as Gotherfall saw its first solid line-up solidify in early 2000 in the form of Trauma and Maelsthorn (Guitars) , Cypher (drums), Synthronic (keyboards), Ebhoren (bass) and Decay (vocals). For personnal reasons, Synthronic quit the band, followed by Ebhoren who was quickly replaced by Neurasthenic, with whom the band had been negociating the recording of a first LP and who became a full member, fiulling in on bass and orchestrations. Meanwhile, Maelsthorn had strung together the final arangements that would become Blacksphere Architecture, the first Gotherfall album. The primary meaning of the term Gotherfall, is "the Fall of God, Our Father"; "Gother" being formed of the words Gott (God) and Father. Gott is simply the German word for God. The use of the diaeresis adds another interpretation to the meaning of the term Gotherfall. Gotherfall being opposed to all forms of organized religion, as well as passive adherance to any belief system, the addition of the diaeresis brings to light the term Gotter, meaning Gods and thus transforming the meaning of Gotherfall into "the Fall of Gods" and placing it on the "e" to add to the word's esthetic.

As you may know, the term Meta can bear several meanings such as "above", "after", "transformation" or more likely: "beyond". It is absolutely without pretention that we call our music Meta Black Metal. The term "black metal" has changed throughout the years and has lost much of its meaning, overused by many. We don't think that the term "metal noir" really suits our music as it did for Burzum or Darkthrone at the time. In fact, the only reason why people choose to call our music black metal is because of the influence these bands had on us, in the same way that Venom and Bathory had an influence on bands like Emperor and Satyricon. Many Black Metal bands added symphonic influences to their sound when others tried to create something much heavier and brutal starting from black metal. Instead of just going in one of these directions, we emerged from all these things. We arise from elements of the first-wave of black metal bands and its descendants, as well as from symphonic, industrial and atmospheric music. Lyrics-wise, it doesn't have that much to do with "classic" black metal topics. There are no great anthems to the northern nature or to Satan in our music, However, as far as the music goes, we tried to do something new, something of our own, without breaking the links that tie us to our influences. That's why we kept the use of middle english even though our lyrics deal with contemporary concerns. This paradox between the past and futuristic concepts can be perceived all throughout the album. Hence, the only way we found to label our yet-complex music has been to invent the term Meta Black Metal.

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