• Happy Halloween!

    31 Oct 2010, 23:53 by vickevlar

    I wanted to write about Halloween, because lately it has catapulted itself into the position of my favorite holiday, narrowly beating out "no holidays." Unfortunately, due to extensive mental tangents and entanglements, I am finding myself needing to preface this with an apology for its hideously long exposition. Sorry, Halloween music is going to have to wait momentarily. I blame this on not having a clear thesis. And on Woodrow Wilson.

    Being raised in a nonreligious household gave holidays a different meaning to me than for most people, I suppose. The value and import of a holiday centered around two things: the number of days off school it generated, and the fun of its associated rituals. This prioritization is true for all children, of course, but it carried with it no guilt that later was compensated for (or worse, was not compensated for, and continued existing as guilt.)

    Since I am no longer a child- this was not my decision- those priorities are no longer applicable for me. …
  • One Big Halloween Playlist - 400+ Songs! (Suggestions Welcome)

    26 Oct 2008, 02:36 by MoogleFan

    I've been working on this playlist since around 2005 or so, using many of these songs in Halloween mixes at my house, for friends, at my former school, events, etc., etc., and often on shuffle at various times of the year. I'm sure there is still a lot missing here, so suggesting artists, albums, and tracks that are Halloween-suitable (or just good for spookiness, haunting introspection and/or dark-ish party music in general) is very much welcome. Even if they're from artists that I have on here, because, in all probability, I've missed some glaringly obvious ones. What's more, if you're a subscriber you can play all the streamable ones I've listed from my Halloween tag-station here:

    Legend: # = my additions, ** = others' suggestions

    Here's the list of Halloween tracks, LAST EDITED: 10/31/2008
    Where Fools Go - 12 Rounds
    Hell's Bells - AC/DC
    That Voodoo! - Adam and the Ants
    Vampires - Adam Ant
    Dark Messages - Air
    Ghost Song - Air
  • Gorillaz

    4 May 2008, 04:28 by PezaoSystem

    *.* Banda fodíssima, como estava falando pro meu grande amigo Rafael, a que eu ouço a mais tempo.
    Além de ser uma banda virtual fodona, o som é fantástico, misturando rock alternativo, música eletrônica e Hip-hop.
    Prefiro as mais alternativas, só que a banda é muito foda.

    Ouvir:Double BassDracula