• Our Exquisite Roster Of Talent

    8 Apr 2011, 12:19 by franklin_moody

    Good news Exquisite fanatics, a compilation CD is in the works! In the meantime, check out our flagship artists, including newest act All Pain No Gain....

    All Pain No Gain
    Lions of March
    Goofy Guys
    The Judas Cow
    Quigley G
    XT Force
    Searching For Olives
    FM Creeps
    Mother Plastic
    The Man Trap
    I Am Lamp
  • Exciting Times

    22 Dec 2010, 00:33 by franklin_moody

    These are exciting times in the Exquisite Noise universe! After some admittedly stagnant years where we released very little (1998-2003, thereabouts) other than greatest hits retreads, things have steadily begun gaining steam again on our label, and our net has expanded wider than it did during our first golden era. We have a number of killer new bands under our umbrella, with more to come, and it's interesting to note that many of our vintage artists, though dormant for years, have gotten into the swing again as well.

    Lions Of March have leaked three completed new tracks, their first since 2004. They anticipate the new album in its entirety will be released sometime in '11. Goofy Guys, our first ever signing and all time largest act, are slated to enter the studio again in January to begin work on a follow up to 2008's "Butcher's Premium" album. Rumor has it that new material from XT Force (his first since 1997!) and Quigley G might be in the works.