• lyrics game twelve, doods

    22 Aug 2008, 09:58 by rup_snogger

    Yey ^^ welcome back, Nikolai! ( - cause he wants a direct link to his profile XD)

    1.Look at the stars
    Look how they shine for you
    "Coldplay - Yellow"

    2.Remember me when you're the one who's silver screen
    remember me when you're the one you always dreamed
    "Placebo - Special Needs"

    3.Today I killed, he was just a boy
    Eight before him, I knew them all
    "Nightwish - 10th Man Down"

    4.All or nothing
    It's sometimes life's between what's undecided

    5.I never seem to find a reason
    To let you in again, or forgive you.

    6.If you wanna live, let live
    If you wanna go, let go
    "Evanescence - Cloud Nine"

    7.Oh the night makes you a star
    And it holds you cold in its arms

    8.My friend's got a girlfriend
    and he hates that bitch.
    "The Offspring - Why Don't You Get a Job?"

    9.Shake it up

    I never loved nobody fully,
    always one foot on the ground.
    "Regina Spektor - Fidelity"

    10.She rolls the window down