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'Gold Digger' usually means 'money hungry and shallow' – these guys are anything but. In fact, what's in a name is this: there is real gold out there, amidst the gloom, but it doesn't take the form of dollars, pounds or bullion bars. The real prize is living life with passion and pleasure. That's your life. This is your soundtrack.

Formed in 2004, Gold Digger are a music collective consisting of seven active members. Working out of their studio (the 'Moon Hut'), Gold Digger produce music ranging from downtempo electronica to banging dance-rock anthems. Their live shows are often electronic jams that bring together the euphoria of rave and the raw energy of rock.

Founding members Steve, Simon, Rich and Anton first got to know each other as regulars on the dance floor at the infamous Cous Cous raves which were held in building space next door to the Hells Angels London HQ. It was a place straight out of the Acid House text-book. Peace. Love. Unity. Positive music. Not quite legal. These once run-down buildings have since been converted into the highly-respected Premises Studio (Shoreditch, London, UK).

So it was only right that this was where Gold Digger chose to record their last album 'Get it Together', which captures some of the euphoria and sheer lust for life that marked those early Cous Cous parties. Gold Digger is also: Stephanie Smart, Edd Alexanian and Olivia Wolf.

Since they first started gigging in 2005, the various members of Gold Digger have performed with the likes of Keith Flint (The Prodigy), Bez (Happy Mondays) and Frankmusik. In 2007 they ran their own music night at a venue in Camden frequented by Amy Winehouse. The venue burnt down in mysterious circumstances shortly afterwards.

Gold Digger provide a spinning, glitzy, neon, shabby-chic snapshot of the state of the nation whilst referencing earlier eras of discontent, drudgery and dissatisfaction. That is not to say the music is glum and depressing – far from it. Light shines most brightly through the fog and with the UK in the grip of grey skies, grey attitudes and a downright black economic outlook, this musical celebration of life, love and joy sparkles like a beacon in a pea-souper. The last cataclysmic economic crunch in Britain resulted in Acid House when a generation rejected the selfishness and false promises of Thatcherism and created a 'You' movement based on community, acceptance and the transforming power of music.

In this spirit, Gold Digger rejects the straight and narrow with sharp lyrics and vivacious electro beats, thumbing its collective nose at the half-truths and fantasies of 21st century British consumer culture (you too can be a property millionaire! You too deserve a Range Rover in the driveway!). Nowhere is this better captured than on their track 'We're All One' featuring a sample of the late great Bill Hicks – a man who refused to be blinded by the gleam of desperation in everyone's eye and championed humanity over orthodoxy.

"We could explore space, together, both inner and outer, for ever, in peace" - Bill Hicks

Music from the hybrid soul of London.


Visit the official Gold Digger website for blogs, music, videos and more info about the group:




Richard Gold Digger (Bass & Programming)
Luther Burnhardt (Drums)
Carlos 'Mad Dog' Black (Guitars)
Mick Farah (Vocals & Synths)
Lady Stephanie (Vocals)
Dr Edd Alexanian (Guitars)
Olivia Wolf (Vocals)


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