• 15 Song Survey

    14 Aug 2011, 22:39 by Candyheart33

    Random 15 songs from iTunes.

    Artist: Funeral for a Friend
    Track: History

    Favourite lyric of the song:
    I don't know the lyrics...

    What colour does this song remind you of?
    Navy blue

    Who does this song remind you of?
    No one in particular

    Name a random memory with the song:
    When I was all new to the internet, and I found a way of listening to music online, and I was like 'OOOOOH LOOK!!'

    Have you ever seen this band live? Did they sound the same?
    Never seen them live. I think I only know one song by them anyway

    Artist: McFly
    Track: One for the Radio

    So here's another song for the radio
    And here's another line from the heart
    So don't pretend you hate us and you sing along
    'Cause we all look the same in the dark

    Have you ever danced to the song?

    Who would you dedicate this to?
    To anyone else who hates music snobs as much as me :)

    Was this song in a movie? If so, what one?
    Not as far as I know