• Zebulon Kosted - Novaya Zemlya cassette OUT NOW

    13 Sep 2009, 19:38

    From Montana blacknoise/metal/ambient/et cetera act Zebulon Kosted

    Limited to fifty three copies, on variously coloured cassettes, in plastique cases with J-card inserts.

    You can order a copy by sending a message to heofthehouse at yahoo dot com with your order, name, and address. If you live outside of the US, I will let you know your total (shipping only applies internationally, including Kanada and Mexico, and is figured by distance). Then send well concealed cash (USD only) or cheque (made out to Amanda Boutourline) to:

    He Of The House Media
    PO Box 4207
    Austin TX 78765-4207

    These tapes are only six dollars, and the album is a true droning black arctic masterpiece. I don't see them lasting very long, so pick up a copy now.

    Always open to trades.

    The Torturing Nurse cassette fist a sickle / destruction output will be out fairly soon, and the Mike Bruno CD In Memory will also be coming soon from Domovoi Records.

    We also have a few things available for Distro, including: