• My last day...

    25 Aug 2006, 05:47 by devilkitten

    This is my last day at my Helsinki job. Moving to Stockholm next week.

    During my time here, I've been introduced to a multitude of artists and music, by a friend of mine. Here's a list:

    Iron & Wine, which is the addition to my musical library that I appreciate a great deal. Delicate, smoky and sharp at the same time. Lovely music.
    Ghost Monkey, which is actually my friend. He makes nice ambient music, sweet songs that have a texture you can almost see. He's not making perfect music yet, but he's getting there.
    Susanna and the Magical Orchestra, calm quiet and artsy music, I like it a lot, especially the cover of Jolene, which is a brilliant interpretation of the song.
    The Flaming Lips is another fun contribution to my musical excavations. I love the song Thank You Jack White, and I love the singer and his very fragile voice. Lovely.
    Krushing is another nice introduction. I heard his music at the "Amazing Design" event in Helsinki, and I was stuck. The bass! Yumyum. (I'm a bass junkie)