• Cons of my Top 50 for the past year

    10 Jul 2008, 21:02 by jazzycattime

    I see these around all the time and I've always wanted to write one. I have about a half hour before I go out to get some stuff for my show with Ogima and Chaos Con Queso so I might as well use it for this right?

    1. Melt-Banana:

    260+ songs on my iTunes just isn't enough.
    They also need to stop having shows when I'm not in the state.

    2. Cutting Pink With Knives:

    Holy Roar duud promised me a shirt of their's before it was too late... still waiting on that one. (I won't trash the label, I'm sure things came up.)
    Oh Wow! Is also substantially better than the other CDs by them. More with that nice palette of sonic colors and not leaning too heavily in the direction of pop or grind would have been nice.
    I like the vocals on that one best as well.

    3. Capsule:

    They need to stop digressing into this thoughtless "electro/disco-house" or whatever the fuck thing before it continues getting out of hand. Yasutaka is a genius with his writing…