• Weekly Top Artists: 07-02 to 07-09

    10 Jul 2006, 00:18 by BrainToad

    Unique Artists: 43
    Total Tracks: 96
    Total Plays: 91

    Another pretty slow week. Not as slow as last time though. This week I listened to my recommendation radio a lot, so it made a lot of single played artists.

    1 Fear Before The March Of Flames 12
    This is a band I never thought I'd check out or even like. I let my opinion be based off of all the bashing they get by the 'true punx' and such. But I gave them a chance after recommended them to me because of my listening to mewithoutYou. It also gave me Every Time I Die, Underoath and Norma Jean, all of which I didn't like. But Fear Before really stuck out, I liked the mix of screaming vocals with the melodic whiny pop-punk voice. The music was extremely catchy and had a nice beat to it. I'm glad I gave them a chance and didn't succumb to their bad reputation among the punx.

    2 June Carter Cash 11
    I was talking to someone about Johnny Cash and the subject of June came up…