• 2010 TOP 50

    27 Dec 2010, 08:56 by nickinko

    Well, here we go once again. I must say, for a long time it seemed that the general feeling about 2010 was that it was a bit of a quiet year in terms of brilliant music. In the end though, I think the following list underlines for me just how much great new stuff there really is.

    What I love about this year is that when I look down my top 10, each artist there has a very distinct and different feel to it - it seems more diverse than the top of previous lists perhaps?

    Of course, if anyone feels like commenting, I'd love to discuss them then. I prefer talking to other people rather than just ramble into the void, as it were.

    1 - 10
    1) Joanna Newsom - Have One On Me

    History will show that at the end of 2006, I stood like some sort of proud buffoon and yelled at anyone who would listen that former-halfling and plucker-extraordinaire, Ms.Newsom, had made her career-defining statement in the quite extraordinary Ys. …
  • Best albums released in 2010 (u20101202)

    22 Jan 2010, 15:58 by dyingdeer