• Playlist for the blind taxi driver who ran me over tonight.

    20 Sep 2006, 03:44 by mechatigers

    This special playlist is dedicated to the taxi driver who ran me over this evening as I rode my bike home. Thankfully, I ride an old British tank, so the bike is no worse for wear, and save for a few scratches and bruises, neither am I...but the bastard did knock my basket off my bike.

    Lester Young - Taxi War Dance
    Will Smith - Pump Ya Brakes
    Queen - Bicycle Race
    Loleatta Holloway - Hit and Run
    Lizz Wright - Hit The Ground
    Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi
    Blues Image - Ride Captain Ride
    Linda Jones - You Hit Me Like TNT
    Beans - Blind Driver
    Gentle Giant - Wreck
    Shirley Horn - Watch What Happens
    Nina Simone - I Can't See Nobody
    Felix Da Housecat - Watching Cars Go By
    Arctic Monkeys - You Probably Couldn't See For The Lights But You Were Looking Straight At Me
    The Who - See Me, Feel Me
    Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers - Pick Yourself Up
  • Rock-Underground most played artists. 5 June - 10 September (2006)

    14 Sep 2006, 11:44 by Isoliom

    Hello all!
    It's the time for a small stats review. I've done some maths work and just summed up our group weekly charts from 5 June to 10 September 2006. I've taken only artists who was in top 10, sometimes there was more than 10 artists, because of repeated number of listenings.

    ------------------ Top 10 ------------------
    01. Pink Floyd 147
    02. King Crimson 118
    03. Led Zeppelin 98
    04. The Beatles 81
    05. Yes 70
    06. Genesis 64
    07. The Doors 55
    08. Frank Zappa 51
    09. Radiohead 50
    10. Black Sabbath 45
    ------------------ Places 11 - 45 ------------------
    11. Porcupine Tree 42
    12. Jimi Hendrix & The Jimi Hendrix Experience 38
    13. Deep Purple 37
    14. The Mars Volta 34
    14. Queen 34
    16. Muse 33
    17. Van der Graaf Generator 28
    18. Dream Theater 27
    19. The Who 25
    20. Eric Clapton 24
    21. Rush 23
    22. Tool 21
    23. Bob Dylan 19
    24. The Velvet Underground 18
    25. Red Hot Chili Peppers 17
    26. Camel 16
    26. Gentle Giant 16
    28. Emerson, Lake & Palmer 14
    29. The Rolling Stones 13
  • Musings on "Treasure" by Cocteau Twins

    6 Sep 2006, 22:55 by nell_james

    I confess I've never really heard Cocteau Twins until recently, I'm just discovering Treasure. I really like it a lot, and what strikes me is that it's much more rhythmically complex than I would've expected from something of this genre. The vocal phrases are not your standard single-melody eight-note stuff. (There are even a few triplets in there, which is pretty exciting for music geeks such as myself.) This helps to keep the songs interesting as they march on into endless repetition. I know some people love hypnotic atmosphere for its own sake, but I usually find active, varied music more compelling.

    Some of the material on this album actually reminds me a bit of Gentle Giant (and things that I've tried to do in my own music) in the way the phrases flow, and how the counter-melodies and counter-rhythms in the vocals overlap and cluster together at points. Compare the Twin's "Pandora" to "Empty City" from Interview - specifically the vocal part that starts just under a minute in. …
  • CD Review In A Glass House - Gentle Giant

    29 Aug 2006, 01:30 by Nens

    Well, I see that it has been a while from my last meaningful journal entry. So I will try to make this one useful. I just purchased Gentle Giant's In a Glass House and am listening to it right now as I review each song. BTW it is the 35th anniversary edition.

    The first and only song that I have heard by Gentle Giant before getting my first album of theirs is Knots. Which I thought was really cool. Knots in itself was a fun play with vocals. However I am not here to rate that one I am here to review this album

    01 - The Runaway
    Beyond total confusion based on the begining, I started hearing a really interesting song. It had the Knots vocal feeling, only with more instruments. A fun listen.

    02 - An Inmates Lullaby
    So far my favorite song. Its style of music is inspiring to my own songwriting abilities. I would recommend this one to anyone that would start listening to Gentle Giant for the first time because it is easier to digest than the other songs that I have heard from them. …
  • Discovering Treasures...

    4 Aug 2006, 09:54 by Razalduria

    Sometimes, it just happens.
    You have a CD in your collection (being it you bought it yourself or as a present from a good friend) which you listened once and then buried under the category "Never to be listened again".

    In the last few months, this has happened twice to me.
    First, after unpacking our countless stuff out of the moving-containers, I found Totally out of the Woods: The BBC Sessions, which was recommended to me from one of my close friends due to my love for Spock's Beard with their multi-vocal parts (Gibberish and Thoughts, for example). I listened once and put it on the shelf (now I think I wasn't ready for it yet).

    Then, on my 36th Birthday, I sat there in quietness and suddenly Totally out of the Woods: The BBC Sessions fell from the shelf.

    I had nothing better to do (my friends/family were all gone already), so I put on my Headphones and listened to it.

    What shall I say, The Advent of Panurge got me totally hooked with it's Recorder-quartet (Yankee Doodle). …
  • Hawkwind similar artist radio

    24 Jul 2006, 23:13 by feeding

    Gentle Giant - Peel the Paint
    Area - Gerontocrazia
    Ozric Tentacles - Saucers
    The Atomic Bitchwax - Smokescreen
    Gong - Clarence in Wonderland
    Amon Düül II - Jim Hai Jam UK 96
    Kyuss - Odyssey / Kyuss
    Goatsnake - Live to Die

    Aphrodite's Child (Vangelis's late 60's band) was also on the list. Amazing. I've never heard this band.

    Now playing... Soft Machine's Vitually.
  • An Atlas of Little America

    21 Jun 2006, 22:08 by RocketShipX41

    Little Atlas - Wanderlust (2005)

    Sometimes, when looking at the state of the music industry, it would be so easy to just hang my head and say it's hopeless. Given the money-hungry nature of the major labels and the proliferation of crap like American Idol masquerading as actual music, it seems unlikely that anything good could even be released. But luckily for those of us who aren't holding our breath for the next contestant to interpret one of Stevie Wonder's old hits (or Elvis Presley or even Lynyrd Skynyrd), there's a lot more to music than what the major labels and TV networks produce. At the same time as the industry has retreated into their idea of a "safe bet", it's become easier than ever for musicians to bypass the machinery altogether and either produce themselves or deal with independent labels who are just as happy as a home for the next Marshall Crenshaw or Birdsongs of the Mesozoic as they would be with the next NSYNC or Beyonce. …
  • The Death Of Music

    19 Jun 2006, 20:09 by Nens

    No I am not talking about American Pie... though that is a step to the death of music. Those that truely know what that song is about, I bow my head to you. You actually have enough of a musical background to actually have an interesting conversation with. Now, on to what this journal is about... I am going to take every genre, that *I* want to talk about and tell you why it now sucks. Or will suck in the short future. :) Enjoy.

    Progressive Rock:
    Throughout the ages, there has been many a great bands. Take a look at the type of bands that have not only been an inspiration to other bands but also a moment in history that can always be remembered.
    King Crimson, Camel, Gentle Giant, Yes, Rush, and more come to mind as greats that many have come to be inspired by. Hell you can even meantion Golden Earring.

    What has happened to this genre however is the simplified listening ear of the Corporate followers. Noone wants to listen to a solo it seems anymore. …
  • Sitting on Three Friends

    16 Jun 2006, 01:25 by exluddite

    No, really. I just got up because my door blew closed and realized that I've been sitting on my CD copy of Gentle Giant-Three Friends. Fortunately, it wasn't damaged, just a bit warm.
    There are advantages to having almost no ass.
  • They hide in the shadows.

    12 Jun 2006, 16:43 by lisardggY

    For the latest in my occasional whole-album mix CDs, I decided to go over the discographies of artists I know and like, and pick out albums of theirs I'm not familiar with, or don't know as well. A way to get a different view of them, as it were.

    Listening to it in my car these past few days, I had different thoughts about them:

    1. dEUS - The Ideal Crash
    The first dEUS album I heard was In A Bar, Under The Sea. It's a bit more varied, more eccentric and more interesting than dEUS's other offerings, so it took me a while to adjust to their sound. The Ideal Crash may not be as unique as In A Bar, more straightforward, but it's a great rock album. Instant Street in particular.

    2. Elbow - Leaders of the Free World
    In their newest album, I hve to say that Elbow don't surprise much. A blend of quiet bummer-songs and more energetic, well, bummer songs. Just like their previous two. And just like them, this one is also very good. I'm more partial to their less gloomy moods - Leaders of the Free World or Mexican Standoff