• "Serenata" The New Album OUT NOW

    15 Jul 2009, 07:59 by Lizoraga

    In 2009, Gari will release his debut album "Serenata", a collection of Italian love songs including two songs which were penned by renowned composer Andrea Bellentani and Cristina Pavarotti, daughter of the famed opera tenor, and which were among several songs offered personally to Gari by both Bellentani and Pavarotti.

    Gari's rich voice, humble beginnings and warm personality continue to win him a large and rapidly growing fanbase from all over the world.


    Gari Glaysher


    Note Perfect Debut from Cricklewood Tenor
    Serenata Gari Glaysher

    Cricklewood's favourite boxer turned opera singer, Gari Glaysher has excelled himself on debut album, Serenata. I knew this spinto tenor was something special when I heard him sing live at Indig02 last year, but this album cements that belief. A collection of gorgeous, popular Italian love songs and serenades, 'Serenata' includes two songs which were written and composed by Andrea Bellentani and Cristina Pavarotti…
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    23 Mar 2009, 09:28 by Lizoraga

    As this site is not updating the NEWS events very fast and the lastest is old here is the latest in what is happening.

    This is the first of the Vlogs from Gari in the studio on the making of the NEW ALBUM "Serenata". More vlogs to come soon.
    You can find them on Youtube or come and join us on the OFFICIAL Gari Glaysher Fan Site on Myspace for info and latest News on Gari which run is by myself.




    Gari GlaysherGari Glaysher
  • Pirates Sail into Chatsworth

    11 Sep 2008, 08:19 by Lizoraga

    Fri 3 Oct – The Pirates of Penzance

    Derby Gilbert & Sulivan Company and Gari Glaysher will be performing The Pirates of Penzance in Chatsworth House in October. This will take place in the converted Theatre.



    The room at Chatsworth (featured on the BBC2 Culture Show in 2006) now converted into a theatre, was designed by Sir Jeffry Wyatville as a banqueting room and ballroom for the 6th Duke of Devenshire, and was completed in 1832.

    The ceiling is decorated with late 17th century painted panels by Sir James Thornhill and Louis Cheron, painted for the walls of the 1st Dukes Long Gallery, but removed when that room was converted into a Library by the 6th Duke.

    The two boxes at the back of the room, and the gallery above, are part of the original furnishing of the room. One was used by Queen Victoria when she attended a ball here in 1843. The room was subsequently used for entertainment of various kinds.
  • indegO2 Concert Millenium Dome London

    3 Sep 2008, 11:04 by Lizoraga

    Fri 20 Jun – Gari Glaysher in concert with guests

    Fan Site Review

    For those who were unable to join us I'm afraid to say that you missed a realy wonderful evening.

    The evening started with great introduction hailing Gari as " One of the worlds most exciting new Spinto Tenors " and as the curtain came up, Gari was standing centre stage wearing a velvet jacket and jeans with coloured smoke swirling in cone shapes in the background, and he looked every inch the star.

    The programme for the evening started with

    Sarabande - Handel

    Questa O Quella - Verdi

    Fur Elise - Beethoven

    Una Furtiva Lagrima - Donizetti

    Granada - Lara

    Nuages - Reinhardt

    Aranjuez - Rodrigo

    Casta Diva - Bellini

    Brindisi - Verdi

    O Sole Mio - Eduardo Di Catu

    E Lucevan Stelle - Puccini

    And ended the first half with an enchanted audiance who after a little encouragment Gari had joining in with him.

    In the second half Gari came on more relaxed in jeans and a dark shirt.