• Current A(sian)CD-Collection

    Set 2 2012, 16h57 por Un0m3

    2AM Vol. 1 - Saint o’Clock
    2AM Vol. 2 - One Spring Day
    2AM - F. Scott Fitzgerald's Way Of Love
    #3 Line Butterfly Vol. 4 - Dreamtalk (Reissue)
    10cm Vol. 2 - 2.0
    Analog Sonyeon Vol. 1
    Analog Sonyeon Vol. 2
    Annyeong Bada Vol. 1 - City Complex
    Annyeong Bada Vol. 2 - Pink Revolution
    Annyeong Bada Vol. 3
    Annyeong Bada - Boy’s Universe
    Arang and the Magistrate OST Special
    Asher - Vol. 1
    A Wonderful Moment OST
    AXIZ - Give Me A Hug
    Baby Vox - Devotion
    Beast Vol. 1 - Fiction and Fact
    Beautifuldays Vol. 4 - 4
    Beethoven Virus OST Special Edition
    Bily Acoustie Vol. 1
    BIZNIZ - Strictly Bizniz
    BLACKBAG Vol. 1 - Rain has Fallen
    BMK - 1st Minialbum
    Bobby Kim Vol. 1 - Ground Zero
    Bom Single Album Vol. 1
    Brave Brothers Vol. 1 - The Classic
    Broken Valentine Vol. 1 - Shade
    Broken Valentine Vol. 2
    Bye, Lupita Vol. 1 - Voyage
    Bye Bye Badman - Because I Want To
    Chae Dong Ha Mini Album - D day
    Charlie's Ukulele Vol. 1
    Cherry Filter - Vol. 3
    Cho Moon Geun - 1st Minialbum
    Click-B Vol. 4
  • I probably listen to too much music.

    Jan 20 2007, 20h03 por isshukan

    Me-owwwww~~ almost 40,000 tracks played. I think I need to lay off the music a bit.

    Anyway, I've been listening to lots of Korean & Mandarin music lately, and here are some recent finds/new releases/lesser knowns I definitely recommend. :D

    GUYZ - A newer Korean rock band that has a sound similar to ELLEGARDEN, BUMP OF CHICKEN and UVERworld. They're very talented, and I can't wait to see more of them.

    Favorite songs: WE, Come On Baby, Jelly Pink

    JJ Lin - A Singaporean pop singer. I've only been into him a few weeks, but I've already racked up a huge amount of played tracks by him. n__n; His voice is amazing, a pretty versatile, and his lyrics are very poetic and well written. My favorite album is Haven, but I love his new one, Cao Cao, a lot too.

    Favorite songs: Sign Waves, 第二天堂 (Second Haven), 美人魚 (Mermaid), 江南 (River South)

    Eru - I've only been into this guy for a little while too, but I am totally blown away. …
  • Singles from Daisy, Guyz and Hajiman

    Jan 5 2007, 23h06 por helikoppter

    Some random singles picked up on sales:


    When The Waltzmeister played on my "try" tag radio i liked it right away. I couldn't seem to find anything else from this particular Daisy (there's many, but I concluded that these were probably from Norway). However, that song was so awesome and peculiar that I really wanted more, so when I found the single for Weird I bought it right away. Despite also (?) being Norwegian, this is most probably another Daisy though. Here's a couple of girls with attitude, three guys in a rock band and a catchy pop song that made me think of Kelly Clarkson.

    While I quite like the song (after all I am a sucker for catchy pop tunes with girls and guitars) and can even identify with part of the lyrics, the music video (which was included along with an instrumental version of the title track) kinda turns me off - they're basicly running around on school not making much sense and trying to look cool. …