• The Path To Musical Evolution 1.1.0: A Mish-Mash Of Sorts Pt. I

    3 May 2009, 18:23 by Kronetong
    DISCLAIMER: The following text is probably rife with errors and bad taste.

    The issue with commitment to one's interests is that it takes extended amounts of time to extract what you want from large amounts of whatever subject you may be involved in. Reading takes analysis, engineering takes analysis, music takes analysis. Why? Because each one of these things is a detailed expression of an art-form. Architecture, literature, composition. Details are necessary part to making something great.

    As such, I've spent a more extensive time than usual exploring several facets of my primary musical tastes. Whereas previous articles were on my experience with artists I had time to dwell on, more recently I've been dedicating my time to exploring several works within a smaller time frame as a way to challenge my analytical skills. I must say I'm rather pleased with the results! A wonderful blending of , , and nearly everything inbetween.

  • ☺ Free Legal Download ☺

    28 Jun 2008, 15:50 by Fulvian



    We are giving away our 4th album "1000 Thoughts Of Violence" (2003) for free download, only on limited time until August 31st, 2008.

    For those who haven't got a chance to fully experience the album, now is the time! And for those of you who are opposed in getting the music for free, don't worry, we are also open for donations!

    All the details and download links can be found at the following URL:

    Please feel free to download and re-distribute freely as you see fit.


    Open Grave Records


    Primitive Graven Image
    The Everscathed
    Feast Eternal
    Morbid Sacrifice
  • Solefald - The Circular Drain

    6 Dec 2007, 17:02 by Evil-Shiva

    While I may have posted a little blog yesterday in my crazy fangirl state about Solefald's announcement over the release of "The Circular Drain", I thought I would write up a new blog with details and links on how to purchase said album (Now that Cornelius has publicly announced it). The Circular Drain can be pre-ordered from both the Official Von Jackhelln Inhuman record's MySpace, and the Official Solefald MySpace. It's all done through paypal so it's quick and easy, and there's a few sweet deals on ordering more than one CD! Samples can be found on VJI MySpace and I assure you they will not disappoint! If you're not interested in purchasing "TCD" then at least check out G.U.T. - My Only Drug is Madness, or at least just show Jakhelln your support and loyalty.

    I already pre-ordered my copy, I can't wait to get my hands on it! Along with the Red for Fire vinyl which I should finally be getting for Christmas!
  • 2007 - A Running Tally

    11 Aug 2007, 14:57 by Bromadrosis

    This is meant to be an exhaustive list of all the 2007 releases I've heard so far, with points out of 100 added. Somewhat arbitrary perhaps, but wtf. The list will be predominantly metal-oriented but other genres may also feature.
    I will not be adding reviews at this point since I don't have time to fuck around with that happy crappy, but feel free to comment and I'll be happy to defend whatever score you might disagree with. Be advised, though, scores are not final! But they should give you a pretty good indication overall.

    To give you a rough idea of what's going on here:

    90+ = Essential, what you need to hear
    80+ = Excellent, recommended to all those with an open mind
    70+ = Good, but probably suited mostly to fans of the specific artist or genre
    60+ = Only bother checking it out if you know and love the band
    50+ = Disappointing, approach with caution. Fodder for completists
    40+ = Fairly crappy but some redeeming features might still be found
    30+ = What are you doing wasting your money or bandwith on this crap?
  • Dead?

    25 Jun 2007, 14:51 by Evil-Shiva

    Sadly for you, I am not dead. My PC is though, it's corpse currently... scattered across my room. I have access to the internet through this old piece of junk, it's windows 98 and I lack any form of speakers for it. This is why I have not been recording my tracks recently. Boo hoo.

    In good news, G.U.T.'s My Only Drug Is Madness arrive din the mail today. I am addicted and this album is a lot better then I was expecting, I cannot get enough. GO BUY IT K?

    12 Jun 2007, 23:27 by Evil-Shiva

    As we all know, the talent piece of sexy ass and master mind behind Solefald and Sturmgeist has the beautiful yet quite insane project by the name of G.U.T.. Crazed fans of Mr.Cornie will have heard his works on MySpace and maybe various downloading places but FINALLY the strongly awaited album My Only Drug Is Madness has finally been released.

    You can purchase a copy of the album currently at CD Baby. There are currently only 24 copies but surely in time they will pop up elsewhere. First 1000 copies have been signed by Cornelius himself, so get buying!

    For samples of G.U.T.'s music, take a look at their MySpace Page.

    Give your sexy Master some love!
  • Albums I'm looking forward to in 2007

    14 Dec 2006, 08:46 by Husvik

    Ved Buens Ende - TBA
    Finnaly they re-grouped and has an album planned to release in 2007. Kyrck Productions, the greece label known for re-releasing demos also have plans to re-release the "Those who caress the Pale" demo which Ved Buens Ende will make a new track for, as a bonus.

    Release Date: Never


    Mayhem - Ordo ab Chao
    I like their new industrial death black metal style and Blasphemer has said the new record reminds him of Wolfs Lair Abyss so that will be great, also Atilla is back, I like Maniac also though.

    Drudkh - Anti Urban
    A lot from these guys these days, they have recently released Songs of Grief and Solitude which is an all acoustic record of material from previously released records and have already two new releases in the making.

    Dødheimsgard - Supervillain Outcast
    I really loved their last release 666 International and Satanic Art is great too…