• Anticipated 2015 Releases

    20 Feb 2015, 20:57 by orphy

    I can't wait to hear the following:

    Ahna - Crimson Dawn LP
    Ares Kingdom - The Unburiable Dead LP
    Bloody Master - EP
    Cruciamentum - Charnel Passages LP
    Deceased - Ghastly White LP
    Divine Eve - Debut LP
    Grave Ritual - Morbid Throne LP
    Inverloch - Debut LP
    Massgrave - The Absurdity of Humanity LP
    Plague/Neon Hole - Split
    Putrescence - Voiding Upon the Pulverized LP
    Sempiternal Dusk/Encoffination - A Monument to the Abyss of Death
    Sinistrous Diabolus - SDII LP
    Spectres - Utopia LP

    Stuff I've heard:
    Adversarial - Death, Endless Nothing and the Black Knife of Nihilism LP (DEATH FUCKING METAL)
    Ahna - Perpetual Warfare EP (incredibly heavy and sinister)
    Begrime Exemious/Flash out - Split 7" (shameless self promotion)
    Black Witchery/Revenge - Holocaustic Death March to Humanity's Doom Split LP (pretty rad)
    Blood Incantation - Interdimensional Extinction EP (crushing death)
    blurring - s/t LP (black metal/grind brutality)
  • Favourite Releases of 2014

    26 Dec 2014, 22:52 by orphy

    I haven't done a yearly recap of music in a few years, but I decided to do it again this year. I'm only ordering it alphabetically, but I've enjoyed all of these releases. There is bound to be something I completely missed, but that's the way it goes. I may have also slipped some 2013 and 2015 releases in here due to unclear information.

    Absolut - Punk Survival (D-beat from Toronto, ON, Canada on Electric Assault Records)
    High energy d-beat. I wish I saw them live because apparently the energy of this record translates really well live. It's a short LP but a good one
    Archagathus - Dehumanizer (Grindcore from Winnipeg, MB, Canada on Regurgitated Semen Records)
    Archagathus has been taking over the mince world over the past handful of years, and here we have their second full length record. There are more pitch shifted vocals than the first LP, and there's actually a full line up that recorded this.
    Arctic Flowers - Weaver (Post-punk from Portland, OR, USA on Deranged Records)
  • My DBSK Journey/JYJ Fan Encounter

    21 Nov 2010, 10:20 by jennyukari

    Sun 14 Nov – JYJ - The Beginning - New Album Showcase in Las Vegas

    Warning: the following rant/essay is more than 3,000 words long and contains excessive amounts of fangirling... but it also details the greatest moment of my life! I don’t think I truly captured how I feel with just these words, but I tried.

    As you might or might not know, I've been a 동방신기 fan for quite a long time. On and off for about seven years, really. I credit these guys for getting me into the Kpop scene (and Korean entertainment as a whole, actually) and shaping my musical tastes into what it is today. When I first heard my first 동방신기 song, '믿어요,' I was absolutely smitten. Perhaps they were a reminder of my childhood growing up with boybands before they became 'uncool.' Perhaps it was their sweet vocals that captured my attention or maybe it was their looks that made me do a double take. It was a lot of things, actually. They certainly weren't the first Kpop act I listened to (that honor belongs to 이정현
  • my live - The Fire + G.O.D.

    23 May 2009, 14:20 by Matokami

    22.5.9 - The Fire + G.O.D.
    palazzo granaio - settimo milanese (mi)

    acquistato l'EP al prezzo ke volevo: 2cent..
    ke barbone =)
  • Taste Evolution

    23 Nov 2006, 20:25 by IniniveI

    i see this in some journal and i think i can post my own ^^

    ps: my english is not perfect so i can made mistakes

    9 years ago: i start to listen to music, but it was mostly watching tv and snoop in the shelf in which my parents hold their old vinyl disc. i listen a lot to classical music (my mom didn't like it but she had bought some) especially piano sonate of Ludwig van Beethoven (pathetique and moonlight) and also Operas like Highlights of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. My mom have music like Ramones and Jimi Hendrix, she have also other but this are what i remember the most.
    My dad was most into italian music like Angelo Branduardi, i remember songs like 'alla fiera dell'est' (this song are also very famous in italy, almost all knew it) and 'la pulce d'acqua'.

    8 years ago: i start to seriously like music, i see a video of Him on tv and it was love at first sight XD
    I immediately search the cd (it was Join Me), i found only the single cause the album was not yet released. this was my first cd.
  • Album and Digital Track Purchases

    4 Dec 2005, 01:42 by mjmoonwalker

    Here's the updated list :: All the legally purchased tunes and albums perchased in stores or from iTunes since the beginning of November 2005 to present day and time. Want a complete list of my digital tracks? Click here.

    No Doubt - Singles 1992-2003
    Green Day - Bullet in a Bible
    Green Day - International Superhits
    Queen - Live at Wembley '86
    Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights
    Johnny Cash - 16 Biggest Hits
    The Beatles - 1
    Ramones - Ramones
    INXS - Best of INXS
    U2 - Best of 1980-1990
    Eminem - Curtain Call (Deluxe Edition)
    Audioslave - Out of Exile
    Nirvana - In Utero
    Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism
    Audioslave - Audioslave
    NOFX - Punk in Drublic
    Rage Against the Machine - Evil Empire

    Albums that aren't in my CD collection but in my iTunes Library anyway (Note how they're all or mostly the sh*tty artists I don't want anyway):
    Dashboard Confessional - A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar
    Caesars - Paper Tigers
    Janet Jackson - Design of a Decade
    Destiny's Child - Survivor