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frivol= 1 behave in silly time wasting way 2 ~ away, waste time, money, etc, foolishly.
vol. = volume

As the earth gets more and more polluted, it suffers much more than ever in the history of this planet. There is no denying that there's as much suffering among its habitants. At the same time we (the members of this band) spend our time doing the thing that we love the most, playing music. As we enjoy our lives, there are millions of creatures and the earth itself that face the pain and suffering everyday. If we look around us and show even a slightest interest of what is happening on this planet today, it would be naive to sing about love, our own personal problems etc. This is our contribution to the society that doesn't deserve any contributions. This is our way of expressing that there's something wrong with this civilization.

Frivolvol is music for the people, who still believe that there's hope of things getting better. Our gift to bored generation laying in their beds, waiting for a change. Music for the people who are waiting for the right moment to strike back and get back something that should be for granted. Our songs for the people, who spend their lives fighting for the voiceless. Our effort to make you realize but also to make you forget.

You are the start of the revolution, the sparkle that starts a fire. A fire that spreads rapidly through the forest in to the city and burns down the ignorant minds and the useless buildings where the pain blossomed. As it destroys the culture that didn't understand the true meaning of compassion, caring, responsibility, it creates a new solid ground for the future generations, so they can sing songs about love, freedom and the long forgotten revolution.

jussi - baritone guitar + vocals
antti - guitar
matte - drums
samppa - bass guitar

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