• Summer: Playing in the Rain

    20 Jun 2006, 13:51 by jcshepard

    Summer, sweat season of sun and fun, is now upon us here in the Northland.

    I've often thought of summer as justice for the other 3 seasons. We suffer thru cold bleak Winter. Spring teases us with the potential for warmth and love. Then glorious Summer releases us from indoors incarceration, opening the gates to the garden of Eden. Finally, once again, Autumn beckons the fall, a grim reaper harvesting our excess and herding the sheep back into school and work preparation for what must come.

    I know I should look at the seasons as stations on the wheel of life. We must have the rest and recuperation of winter to appreciate the growth and excitement of summer. There would be no new blossoms of spring without the blaze colors of fall. It makes sense. It just doesn't take.

    Music is a land of seasons. We search for the new artists about to blossom. We glory in the fast growing aspens, the staunch old oaks. We reminisce with those in the autumn of their careers. …