• Happiness is happiness

    14 Jun 2006, 17:06 by rootee

    Happiness IS happiness. Nothing short of it.

    I remember reading a journal entry a while back which said Cut Up Piano and Xylophone is very possibly the most beautiful song ever, except that it’s too short. That was my first encounter with a portion of the album.

    For quite a while, I put off looking for the rest of tracks because the files were too big and my to-download list was already long and my dialup connection is slower than the evolution of mankind and blahblahblah.

    Then two weeks ago, this lead to me listening to Thank You, a Temporary Residence Limited compilation album that celebrated their 50th release and subsequently their 8th year of existence. The opening track of that album is by Fridge and upon hearing a second song from them, I thought it’s about time to (soul)seek Happiness.

    What I find brilliant about Fridge’s fourth album is its straightforwardness and eclecticism. With track names like Drum Machines and Glockenspiels and Tone Guitar and Drum Noise