• meeting old friends.

    26 Nov 2006, 06:20 by chotda

    i met my old college roommate today, her husband and two kids. i am at that age when i really should decide if i'm going to start breeding, but this morning just sort of proved i'm not up for the challenge. actually, it sort of showed me i'm a little more prepared for caring for a child more than i thought i was, but overall, i'm still not taking care of myself well enough to start thinking of caring for an infant.

    her husband seems like a very nice guy, and very good with her. he's more of a music geek than i am, or at least, he remembers more from the seventies-eighties than i do, and brit stuff to boot. we listened to (The Angels Wanna Wear) My Red Shoes because one of the little girls was glammed out in her red shoes. perfect time to teach her what music she should be listening to. he's offering to put me on the list for the Paul Weller shows at irving plaza in nyc this january, which sounds amazing: three consecutive nights, each with a retrospective of paul's work…