• A snippety reference to a Fourth Floor Collapse concert

    23 May 2012, 06:05 by earthcrossing

    Thu 7 Apr – Fourth Floor Collapse

    This is all I wrote at the time...

    So yeah...went to the Amplifier Bar on Thursday, to see Fourth Floor Collapse. They were good, as usual, though I have to admit the show at the Rosemount seemed more magical. I looked around for CDs of theirs to buy but didn't find any. I'll have to have a look in some stores. I think they are coming out with a new album pretty soon. Well, "this year - hopefully soon," is what they said.

    Went home straight afterwards and I believe that is when I stayed up till late. Or early.

    Oh, the enthusiasm! But I did love this band.
  • Fourth Floor Collapse + other bands (2005 show)

    25 Feb 2011, 02:49 by earthcrossing

    Wed 23 Feb – Fourth Floor Collapse (WAMI showcase)

    The following is a mixture of my mini-review written at the time, and slight changes I've made to it before posting here.

    Background: I wrote an online journal entry about a work saga that had begun after a night out seeing bands, but I did mention the bands I saw as well, so here goes:

    Let’s start with somewhere around midnight, almost 24 hours , as I was heading home from the Rosemount Hotel after a rockin’ show by Fourth Floor Collapse (a band that LostJuly introduced me to originally - how shameful that an Eastern Stater had to introduce me to a band from my own hometown *G*).

    Anyway, I was torn between dreading what lay ahead (a long day on little sleep) and basking in the awesomeness that had been FFC’s set. There were occasions during that gig when I just stood and stared in wonder at the sounds they were making. One song in particular sticks with me, though I don’t believe I’d ever heard it before last night. …
  • My Top 20 Songs of 2006

    13 Jan 2007, 11:26 by Kieran0411

    I'm writing this basically so i can look back in the years to come and have a record of what my favorite songs from the time were.

    These songs in the top 20 may not be what i consider to be the best songs released in 2006, but rather the best songs that will remind me of 2006 when i hear them. For instance, i don't consider 'Assassin' by Muse to be the best song on the Black Holes & Revelations LP, but no other songs on the album remind me more of 2006 than that song. Reasons for this is the amount of times i heard it throughout the year, where i was when i first heard it, hearing it at work on the radio, at home, etc.

    I started with a shortlist of around 100 songs. Here is my Top 20 in no particular order...

    Alala - CSS
    Roscoe - Midlake
    Scorch - Macromantics
    Assassin - Muse
    Vicarious - Tool
    Gold Lion - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    Turn Into - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    The Only Way - Gotye
    Low Happening - Howling Bells
    Over and Over - Hot Chip
    Wandering Eye - Fat Freddys Drop
    Eternal Flame - Joan as Police Woman
  • A to Z of Australian Music

    8 Dec 2006, 03:32 by such_a_rush

    Occasionally I do a shift on a local radio station, and I've got one coming up in a few weeks. Thought I might try and get through a complete alphabet of Australian stuff.

    Couple of things to consider - I want a good mix of artists from around the country, as well as different genres, and would also prefer fairly recent stuff. This is just a list to get down some of my thoughts, feel free to make some suggestions...

    A Augie March, The Avalanches
    B Bertie Blackman
    F Fourth Floor Collapse
    G Gersey
    I iOTA
    K Klinger
    P The Panics
    R Red Riders
    V The Vines
    W Whiskey A Go Gos
    Z The Zeal Room