• Can't stop tagging and listening and making discoveries!

    13 Jun 2007, 01:22 by raw_u

    Fazer Music is THE history of finnish popular music*. Fazer label meant tango, jazz, iskelmä (schlager), pop, rock for decennies. Almost all major finnish artists have recorded for Fazer at some point of their career or at least are present in their compilations. Fazer bought smaller labels and hired the best songwriters like Toivo Kärki, Repe Helismaa or Unto Mononen 20 Suosikkia /Säveltäjä Unto Mononen.

    When WEA bought Fazer, major worry was about our cultural heritage in hands of a big international record company: why would they bother keeping old obscure finnish dance music available, when it's way more bankable to just sell the same Madonnas and Britneys all over the world?

    Well, this deal with seems like they are giving us something back. There is a streamable goldmine here. I am finding my own cultural background here in a way I couldn't imagine. I'm being surprised and presented to artists from my country I never knew about. …