• Facebook Collection Impressions: #5, Hip-Hop

    24 Aug 2006, 20:14 by Charron

    This one's tough for me, since I don't like hip-hop. It's tempting to just shrug it off and say that everything here sucks, don't listen to it, but then I'd be shirking my self-imposed duties. Besides, there are people out there who do like hip-hop, and it's only fair that I review every pack whether I like it or not. So, here's my impressions of the songs currently inflating these artists' listening charts.

    1. Chamillionaire - Still Tippin: Exactly the sorta stuff I figured it would be. Actually, it's a bit more placid than I would expect, since I was under the impression he did "gangsta" rap. Seems to like that scratching effect.

    2. Boss, Dougie D., Jay'ton, Lil B. & Trae - Gimmie the Mic (S.L.A.B.ed): Seems to blend three common elements of hip-hop, as I'm familiar with them: remixing, collaboration, and that high guitar-like loop.

    3. One Block Radius - Black Mercedes: It's hip-hop, certainly, but it's got more of a rock/pop structure than the last few songs, which puts it more in my sort of listening. …
  • My Top 10 CD's Of 2005

    10 Jan 2006, 15:32 by toddkelley

    If you've been skating across the blog-verse (at least this neck of the woods) you'll recognized that we like to do some 'year-end' Top 10 ish. Expect to see some nice lists coming out of Negro Please, EJ Flavors, Honeysoul, and other camps in the coming weeks. I think I'll get a jump on all dem fools. For what it's worth, this was a great year for music. Leaps and bounces of the past couple years, I've had a flood of music that's kept me noddin' my head all year. Last year, it was all about 'the singles'. This year, sold full-length CD's and EP's were dropped; givn people a huge assortment of quality trax to put in radio blogs and podcasts. Here's my list:

    10. Lina - "The Inner Beauty Movement"
    The nostalgic feel of her last CD (Stranger On Earth) really didn't do much for me. But 'movement' kept creeping into my head with each rotation. AND made me go back and appreciate "Stranger". Hot Hot Hot...

    9. Platinum Pied Pipers- "Triple P"