• Nudzi mi się, powróżę sobie z iTunesa.

    1 Apr 2010, 18:18 by onlysourcherry

    Zasada jest prosta: załączam całą playlistę w iTunesie, zadaję pytanie i otrzymuję odpowiedź. Wyniki tego doświadczenia są momentami tak powalające, że od razu przychodzi na myśl "eee, pewnie ustawiała te piosenki, żeby było śmiesznie".

    Nie ustawiałam, naprawdę :D

    1. Jak się dzisiaj czujesz?
    My Chemical Romance - Mama
    Mama, we all go to hell.
    Mama, we all go to hell.
    I'm writing this letter and wishing you well,
    Mama, we all go to hell.
    tak, wszyscy idziemy do piekła mamo

    2. Czy zajdziesz daleko w życiu?
    Mat Kearney - Closer To Love
    hmmm, bliżej miłości...?

    3. Jak widzą cię przyjaciele?
    happysad - Piękna
    hahahahaha, no tu się nieźle uśmiałam ;D

    4. Czy wyjdziesz za mąż/ożenisz się?
    Cobra Starship - Guilty Pleasure
    trudno stwierdzić.

    5. Jaka jest piosenka przewodnia twojego najlepszego przyjaciela?
    Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

    6. Jaka jest historia twojego życia?
    Vengaboys - Kiss
    robi się coraz ciekawiej.

  • Number Three Album of 2008

    28 Dec 2008, 22:09 by aubr3y

    My top albums of 2008

    Number Three: Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes


    Everyone music critic and their grandmother has a hard on for this band. And rightfully so. Fleet Foxes self titled debut full length album is hands down one of THE best albums of 2008 (and according to a lot THE very best).

    How do four guys harmonize so angelically? The first time I heard “White Winter Hymnal” (everyone’s favorite track, including mine) I fell head over heals in love with this band. First of all, it took me back to the days of chorus and having to sing in a round. Coupled with the harmonies and the delicate and simplistic orchestrations (again with the hollow body) I was sucked in to the Foxes den. Such an easy song to sing a long to, and so damn catchy! The video is equally as enchanting.

    Robin Pecknold, lumberjack troubador. So young and so talented. And lucky for me he’s wrangled J. …
  • Fuck this Being-Broke Shit: A Reflection on Albums I Can't Afford

    27 Sep 2008, 17:22 by quitepeculiar

    I hate being broke. It entails missing out on a whole lot of stuff. No nights out at the bars, no new clothes, no music shows and, especially, no new music. I am no longer hailed with aplomb at the local music store. Instead, I am stared at blankly by the new salesperson as she rings me up for... a birthday card.


    It doesn't help this past summer was blessed with wonderful new offerings for a smashing summer soundtrack, each one a rub of salt into the wound known as "wanting." CSS released something new? Damn it. Brazilian Girls, too? Aw, hell. And who is this Yelle I keep hearing about? And Jaguar Love? Was the new Mates of State really that good?


    So, in lieu of money, I have been using something else in order to get my hands on new music. No, no, not THAT. I've been using my library card. Thankfully for me, the local library carries a good number of these releases I've been missing out on, allowing me to check them out in three-week periods (with two renewals!) for free. …