• The Fishy lyrics game!! Can you guess the songs?

    2 Aug 2006, 20:17 by Davie_UCF

    We all know Fish writes some of the most amazing and poetic lyrics out their, so I thought i'd see how good you guys are at recgonising them.

    No cheating please. Otherwise whats the point? You can listen to the songs to see if youre right and try find them of course.
    (These could be from his solo or Marillion work)

    "For my best friend, my lover, when I need help"
    Cliche (Congrats to aydozz

    "The bloated corpses of unsolved murders and old revolutions, pirouette and dance amongst the swirls and eddies in their final procession down the muddy river to the delta where they're thrown up by the surf onto sterile beaches or are trapped in the roots of mangrove cathedrals of the islands that gather in the bay."
    Plague of Ghosts: Chocolate Frogs (Congrats to neoray

    "I'm a Marquee veteran, a multi-media bonafide celebrity
    I've got an allergy to Perrier, daylight and responsibility
    I'm a rootin-tootin cowboy, a Peter Pan with street credibility