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There are two bands with that name:

1.A Melodic Death Core Metal band, that hails from The Kingdom of Saudi Araibia, located Jeddah.

Band member's:

Khalid - Lead Vocal

Majed - Vocal

Joud - Rhythm & Lead Guitar

Madani - Lead & Rhythm Guitar

Shadi - Drum's

Abdulaziz - Bass Guitar

It was 2006 when khaled ( Lead vocal ) had a thought of putting a band together, and he did. When he found husam ( drummer for Final serenade ) and they had an audition for a couple of guitarists,

but things didn’t work out good. Husam decided to leave Khaled for special issues. Khaled then went on trying to find other members, when he suddenly out of no where thought of making a folk metal band, and he found a flute player, and he was amazed by him.

One day Khaled posted a message on the shout box in http://www.sametal.org and said that he needs a guitarist with the ability to play good fast stuff ( melodic death ) and then Joud ( guitarist ) was his first time ever to visit the website, saw the post and replied Khaled’s post and said: am a guitarist and seeking a band in Jeddah.

So, the next day Khaled posted his number for Joud to call, and so he did.
Later on, Joud went to Khaled’s studio for the audition and he was accepted by Khaled. So, the band was under confusion, when Joud wasn’t cool with idea of a folk metal band, so they argued this topic over and over till they reached the GOTHNBERG genre and it was working out good.

Joud talked to Khaled about the band’s name, and they choosed Indepth of Eclipse, that's when Madani ( guitar ) joined the band after a great recommendation from Khaled. Later on, the big dilemma in the band was the drummer, bass, and the band’s name. After sometime, the band's name was changed into Rising Eclipse, that’s when Faisal (drummer for Cresent Light ) joined the band and played the demo song with the band,

which was named ( The Crypt of Eclipse ) Later on, a bassist joined the band named Mohammed, but then the band decided to let him go because of his abroad studying issues, which was hard for the band to practice and delay its gig’s because of the bass part.

Later on, the demo song was improved and reached its perfection and the band were happy about it. But then, things didn’t work out good with Faisal and Mohammed, thats when the band changed its name to Stramonium and the band was happy with name but only for awhile. When they discovered that there was a band from Spain named Stramonium.

Few days later, Madani, Khaled, and Joud sat down and discussed the problem that they were facing with the drums, bass, and the Genre. So, they came to a conclusion that Shadi ( drums ) and Moa’ayad ( bass ) should join the band and start all over. And when Shadi and Moa'ayad joined, the band changed it's name to Firecell. Where they discovered and at the same time approached their new genre which was more than satisfying. Firecell loves to call it MELODIC DEATH CORE METAL.

After appearing in a couple of gigs and small jams, Firecell thought of letting Majed ( vocals ) join the band as the second vocals of the band which was a great idea. Afterwards, Firecell was accepted to play at The Clash of Irons Concert in Riyadh. The appearance was great and the band's performance was more than amazing. Firecell recieved a huge number of fans ( THANK YOU ALL ).

Now, the band has released their first ever demo intitled ( LOST INTEGRITY ) and uploaded it on their own myspace ( http://www.myspace.com/firecelltheband ).

2. An industrial metal project from Bulgaria formed by Chavdar VIdenov.

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