• The Ultimate List Series - Brutal Death Metal Edition 1.5

    29 Oct 2012, 13:26 by TheArtistBox


    Welcome to the list of brutal death metal bands. This will compile a comprehensive list of all brutal death metal bands that are tagged with such in my database. Thus, some maybe have noted beside them to move them to different journals in the near future as some are obviously confused. Later, artist profiles will be linked to the artist like my other journals within the series.

    History - Brutal Beginnings 1990-1993

    After the formation of death metal in 1984 the death metal scene took off with tremendous speed, thus why the timing and the 'first ever death release' can not really be mentioned without an argument or a debate about it.

    As Death Metal was taking over the Americas and then the world a band appeared on the scene creating a new wave of death metal. Often, now misunderstood as Modern Death Metal (which by the way isnt a genre , rather a wave), this up and coming garage band from New York was taking shape. …
  • Metal bands that have released an album/EP in 2009

    31 Dec 2008, 18:13 by gunleik

    Much of the information in the "Will realease" is wrong! haven't updated it yet...

    Firstly, some of this info IS wrong. Since it's so many bands, and the dates may change etc., I can't keep track of them all.
    TBA means to be announced.
    Some of the albums on WILL RELEASE may be working titles, which means that the band may change it. That counts for the release dates too.

    Genre (Additional genre)
    - Band - Album (EP/split/itunes/demo) (release date)
    (town, country: if there're several bands with same name / former band name: if they've changed it)



    Avant-garde metal
    - Ensoph - REX MUNDI X-ILE

    Black metal
    - 1349 - Revelations of the Black Flame

    - A Transylvanian Funeral - A Transylvanian Funeral

    - Ajattara - Noitumaa

    - Beherit - Engram

    - Black Torment / Motörpenis - United Forces Of Blasphemy (split)
    (Black Torment: Mexico)

    - <code> - Resplendent Grotesque
  • Seen live

    15 Feb 2008, 20:20 by heavyraptor

    Z7 = Z7, Pratteln
    BT = Bikini Test, La Chaux-de-Fonds
    MST = Meh Suff (Tommasini, Lenzburg)
    WOA = Wacken Open Air
    GRA = Graffiti (HeadbangersBall), Bern
    RC = Rock City, Uster
    TL = Transilvania Live, Erstfeld
    SD14 = SoundDock 14, Dietikon
    Z7MD09 = Z7 MetalDayz 09
    MF10 = Metalfest 2010, Z7
    BB = Bad Bonn, Düdingen
    MOD09 = Mountains of Death 2009
    MOD10 = Mountains of Death 2010
    MOD11 = Mountains of Death 2011
    MSMF09 = Meh Suff Metal Festival 2009 (Hüttikerberg)
    MSMF11 = Meh Suff Metal Festival 2011 (Hüttikerberg)
    ISC = ISC Club, Bern
    KW118 = Kulturwerk118, Sursee
    GK = Gaskessel, Bern
    DYN = Dynamo, Zürich
    KM = Kofmehl, Solothurn
    DFOA10 = Death Feast Open Air 2010
    MAGV = Metal Assault 2010, Grand-Vennes, Lausanne
    MAGV11 = Metal Assault 2011, Grand-Vennes, Lausanne
    HDX = Hellvetia Day X
    LDL = Les Docks, Lausanne
    TDF11 = Tattoo Death Fest 2011, Milan, Italy
    GWW = Gaswerk, Winterthur

    MetalOrgy goes XMas VOL.2 (Nosturi in Helsinki, Finland)