• Kevin Moore

    20 Mar 2006, 02:17 by KansasRushDream

    So I got this coupon for 5 free song downloads with this crazy program I had never heard of before. I got a good haul with those 5 freebies though, picking up Solitary Shell off of the Live At Budokan album. I also got the song Master of Deception by Elegy. Both of those are great tracks, although Solitary Shell has some rough spots. I still love it though. After that, I decided to get some newer Fates Warning as well, so I got the song Heal Me off of their newest album, FWX. It's really good too; very powerful track. Only two free songs left, so I went to Helloween and got the song Keeper of the Seven Keys. Strangly enough, it was the only song over 10:00 that was available for individual purchase. Odd. And then last but not least, I got the song Undertow, which is a song by Chroma Key, the new Kevin Moore-powered band.

    Speaking of him, what a BEAST! He seriously is one of the most creative musical minds of our time. If he and Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon) teamed up on an album, the world would implode. …