• latin: some of my fav (for dl)

    16 Jun 2008, 10:59 by yusuke1200mk4

    01. "The Devil & Montezuma" [6:01] Cesar
    ----taken from the album "Cesar 830" 1975

    02. "Coming Home" [3:19] Ray and his Musical Court
    ----taken from the album "Cookie Crumbs" 1973

    03. "I Ain't Got No Soul Today (What It Is Y'all)" [3:58] Señor Soul
    ----taken from the album "What It Is, Y'all" 1968

    04. "Tema De Bwana" [8:04] Bwana
    ----taken from the album "Bwana" 1972

    05. "Summertime" [5:49] Bobby Montez
    ----taken from the album "Jungle Fantastique" 1958

    06. "Fenway Funk" [8:35] Bobby Paunetto
    ----taken from the album "Paunetto's Point" 1974

    07. "St. Thomas" [3:03] Candido
    ----taken from the album "Drum Fever" 1973

    08. "Bitter Sweet" [4:38] Charlie Palmieri
    ----taken from the album "Latin Bugalu" 1968

    09. "Everything Is Everything" [4:44] Eddie Palmieri
  • R.I.P Fuerza Gigante - Ray Barretto - Conguero King

    18 Feb 2006, 23:35 by dvoodoo

    Conga King - Ray Barretto - R.I.P

    This week we learned that Ray Barretto, a percussionist extraordinaire and legend in the Salsa & latin Jazz music community has left the scene. While I was raised a souless white boy and not aware enough to be a big fan or expert, one cannot help but be impressed with the lively beats, musical prowess, exhuberance and overall spirit present in his music. Besides how can I not love a musician whose whose first solo album for Fania in 1967 was called "Acid".

    Born of Puerto Rican descendence in Brooklyn during the depression, he lived with his mother in East Harlem, The Bronx and other low rent "boricua" districts before he joined the army, where in the latter 1940's he heard Dizzy Gillespie's hard bebop. The young man was transfixed by Manteca," which featured conguero Chano Pozo.

    He started sitting in at a Munich jazz club, and after his discharge, by the early 50's he was playing regularly at clubs like The Bucket of Blood. …