• Debut Tarcutta Single Released, Free Download Available

    19 May 2009, 13:11 by Hidden_Shoal

    http://agora.hiddenshoal.com/images/medium/Tarcutta_waltz_MED.jpgHidden Shoal Recordings today announced the release of the single ‘You Gotta Crawl Before You Walk Before You Waltz’ by Melbourne-based instrumental rock trio Tarcutta.

    ‘You Gotta Crawl…’ unfolds into being with a luminous pattern on 12-string electric guitar, the low hum of Hammond organ, and a delicious brushed drum pattern. Gradually, delicate organs runs are stirred in before the song seems to fall away, then changes direction and builds into an eddying spiral of tumbling melody. All three instruments bob and weave expertly before building into a subtle climax that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. After over six minutes the song gradually rumbles to a close – leaving your jaw on the floor, hungry for more.

    “a truly lovely instrumental tapestry... bewitching and addictive” – Luna Kafe

    Tarcuttadraw inspiration from rock, punk and post-rock to create their own distinctive and emotive blend. …
  • Hidden Shoal's 4th Free Label Sampler Album Released

    21 Dec 2008, 02:07 by Hidden_Shoal

    Hidden Shoal Recordings today announced the release of East-West Section, the fourth volume in the label’s free sampler album series, compiling tracks from recently released albums and EPs.

    East-West Section is like a knife with ears – an audible slice through Hidden Shoal’s 2008 releases. But no blood! We’ve stitched these killer tracks into a brand new tapestry… From the delicate ambient murmur of RL/VL to the avant-pop mastery of Iretsu; the lush lounge-jazz of Rich Bennett to the sublime ambient rock of City of Satellites; the charming electro-pop of Ghost in the water to the addictive indie-rock of Fall Electric and The Slow Beings; and acclaimed Hidden Shoal mainstays My Majestic Star, Sankt Otten and Slow Dancing Society. This is an irresistible showcase of the breadth and depth of the Hidden Shoal catalogue.

    “Hidden Shoal Recordings is on a mission. The Australian label is busy enhancing minds, widening musical consciousness, opening ears, and taking us beyond the sometimes all too comfortably familiar” – Blogcritics
  • Fall Electric LIVE!

    15 Aug 2008, 06:19 by Hidden_Shoal

    New Hidden Shoal Recordings signing Fall Electric are playing a series of gigs in and around Perth over the next few weeks in advance of the release of their first single, 'Faithless Friend', taken from their forthcoming debut album Measure and Step:

    Saturday August 16 @ The Horror Shop w/ Sons Of Rico
    Friday August 22 @ Mojos Bar w/ James Cruikshank (The Cruel Sea)
    Sunday August 24 @ The Hydey w/ James Cruikshank (The Cruel Sea)
    Saturday September 6 @ The Rosemount w/ Tame Impala

    As all that have seen them know, Fall Electric are a stunning live band, so be sure to check out these shows before the band go supernova. You have been warned!