• Rotations (Dec 7)

    7 Dec 2007, 17:05 by liftmuziek

    The end of year is creeping up, and soon it will be time for the best of 2007 reviews. Yet I dont feel like I've completely caught up to last year. Perhaps I will make an exception and write up the best of 2006. Especially now, that I take a look back at all the dubstep that seemed to saturate the market, and my newly discovered love for postrock. I'll take a look at my year in music in another couple of weeks, meanwhile here is another dose of my biweekly rotations...


    Mr. 76ix - 3 (Minority of 1) (Skam, May 2007)
    This is what I imagine people with no previous exposure to electronic music expect it to sound like. Abstract, noisy, rhythm-less, breaky, bleepy -- all of those great things! This unknown Skam artist (going only by P. Wood) whips it all out - the old skool 303 square waves and 808 cow bells; the pad sweeps and synth arpeggios; the sampled loops, vocoders and over processed rave memories. …