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  • Years Active

    1992 – 2005 (13 years)

Formed in late 1992, FANATIC◇CRISIS was a 5 man visual kei/ japanese rock band that hailed from the city of Nagoya.

In November of 1992, vocalist 石月努 (Ishizuki Tsutomu), guitarist 和也 (Kazuya) and bassist Ryuji came together to form the core of the band. A year later rhythm/synth guitarist Shun joined the band, while being rounded out by support drummer タツヤ (Tatsuya). It was this incarnation of the band that released the demo tape カルマ, and the 1st and 2nd versions of the mini-album 太陽の虜 (taiyou no toriko). At this point in time, the band presented itself in a very typical visual kei way: music with dark themes, and matching "dark" attire.

1995 was to be a year of change for the band. Former Of-J drummer 徹 (later credited as Tohru) joined the band creating the lineup that would exist until their disbandment. Along with a new member, a new sound emerged from the band. Gone was the darker FANATIC◇CRISIS, replaced with a more accessible, poppier sound. It was at this time that the band released their 1st single Memories in White, followed by their 1st full album MASK.

After the release of their final indies mini-album MARBLE in November of 1996, the band started on the road of signing to a major label. In August of 1997, FANATIC◇CRISIS released their major label debut single SUPER SOUL via the For Life label. However, a little less than 2 years later and after releasing 2 albums and 8 singles, FtC left the label and reverted to an indies band.

Starting in November of 1999, the band released 2 mail-order only singles via their management : SIDE and SIDE . These 2 singles showcased another evolution in the bands sound. In contrast to the For Life years, which had the band sounding more pop than ever, the 2 aforementioned singles presented a rawer and harder sounding FANATIC◇CRISIS. Then, in May of 2000 FtC released their major label comeback single 心に花を 心に棘を (kokoro ni hana o, kokoro ni toge o) via their Stoic Stone label (with distribution help from Toshiba-EMI). For the following 5 years, vocalist Ishizuki Tsutomu (who now handled the majority of writing and composing duties) had the band pumping out numerous albums and singles that mixed the bands pop, rock, and experimental sides.

After nearly 13 years of activity, on May 14th 2005, FANATIC◇CRISIS held their final live at TOKYO BAY NK HALL. As of this moment, Shun and Kazuya are currently members of the band The Micro Head 4N's. Tsutomu was solely working as a graphic artist and jewelry designer up until the latter portion of 2012, when he released a DVD single. He is now a solo act. Tohru acted as a mixer for BOUNTY, and other Sol Blade acts, but information on his recent activities is lacking. Finally, in regards to bassist Ryuji, he has seemingly been inactive since the end of FANATIC◇CRISIS.

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