• Trent Reznor was so cute as a new wave fop.

    7 Jan 2008, 06:51 by theempathogen

    It's time for your daily moment of 1980s nostalgia when Trent Reznor (of Nine Inch Nails, natch) used to work with Thomas Dolby and open for Culture Club. Exotic Birds, heya.

    I'm thinking about Dolby's track Hyperactive! and Nine Inch Nails's HYPERPOWER! and thinking... oh dear... are there mashup opportunities in this?

    I am brought to remember when, in 2000, I was fishing around for nothing in particular, and stumbled upon something very special. It was a limited edition CD of a live (possibly multiple live) performance(s) by Thomas Dolby. So limited, every copy of this disc ran $40. I was a broke-ass unemployed university student at the time, but I curse myself for not doing whatever I had to do to get a copy of it. I would do an awful lot to get my hands on it. I might do even more to get any recorded material from the double-headliner tour Dolby did with BT in late 2006, if it exists.