• Bands Splitting Up

    30 May 2006, 18:42 by NeverClever

    I suppose it has to happen to every music fan in time, but I'm starting to notice some of my favourite bands are calling it a day and moving on to new projects. This isn't necessarily the end of the individual members making good, worthwhile songs, but I had come to the point where any new album by mclusky, Gorky's Zygotic Mynci or The Delgados was an event to anticipate, and inevitably I feel a slight dissatisfaction that there will be no more. I'm pleased I got the chance to see all three bands in concert at least once, and will follow the resulting projects with interest; Shooting at Unarmed Men from mclusky, ex-Delgado Emma Pollock, and Euros Childs and Richard James out of Gorky's are the ones I know of, if you know of more please shout!

    All this led me to wonder how I'd come this far without any of my favourite bands splitting up. I think it's at least partly due to the fact that I (like many others, I'm sure) am excited by the idea of seeing my favourite bands playing my favourite songs live. …
  • a few Harvey Girls doin's

    27 Apr 2006, 05:35 by melissamay

    In case you were wondering, The Harvey Girls are working hard on a bunch of new songs/"albums" (do people use that term anymore?) in between playing and cancelling shows. Here's a couple of new mp3s to check out:

    Walking the Cow
    This is a Daniel Johnston cover. Yes, we're working on a covers album. Yes, it will be songs from the 80s. Yes, it will be worth downloading.

    Slow Tiger
    This is a rough sketch of a song for the new album (tentatively titled Nutate) that we'll complete one of these days (we promise it will be before the new year). And, to be honest, this version probably won't appear on the album. So save it and send it to us in a few years and we'll put it on our box set. The song's kind of atypical of the rest of the album, but we really like it.

    Then, you should listen to The Notes and Scratches, Victor Scott, Feedle, and Euros Childs "Chops" because you'll be at the computer anyway.

    (covertly written by Mr. Melissa May)
  • The Concretes/Euros Childs @ ULU 11th April 2006

    13 Apr 2006, 15:21 by ivehadanidea

    I only found out about this that afternoon but was pleasantly surprised to hear that they still had tickets left on the door. Tubed up to Goodge Street (Northern Line all the way, woohoo!) and, after brief consideration, disagreed with the sign to the university and subsequently found the ULU successfully.

    It was almost empty to start with, half an hour after the doors opened, and only a handful of people were watching the first support act. I didn't recognise her and she wasn't billed so I don't know the name, but it was a girl on an electric piano playing songs fuelled by vigorous chord patterns. She sounded quite good but a bit intense to take before getting in the mood, so we headed to the bar to do just that.

    After drinking several £1.50 bottles of bud (don't you just love student's unions) and signing up to the obligatory mailing list, great times were inevitable. Euros Childs and the band he'd brought along played a storming set. …
  • bush hall gig roundup

    12 Mar 2006, 11:36 by featherboa

    i've been a bit slack about posting, but that doesn't mean i haven't been to quite a few gigs - i'm lumping these three together because they were all at the same venue, and i saw them all with stu and louise.

    Isobel Campbell - 21-02-06 (***)

    since the last time i saw isobel, playing with Belle and Sebastian, she's grown her hair, and i guess grown up a bit. but to tell the truth, i've ever been mad keen on her voice, which hasn't changed a bit. i'm just not convinced she can hold her own in a song, when most of the time she sounds like she's about to run out of breath. but, she was singing tonight with a chap called eugenie (i think), and together they sounded pretty good. the music was excellent, she is a terrific musician. but she doesn't have a huge stage presence - the vast gulf between her and stuart murdoch couldn't have been more obvious, as she barely said two words o the audience…
  • Mini Reviews (more accurately, opinions) - March 2006

    28 Feb 2006, 22:07 by andrewbiles

    I say, I'm cutting down the purchases this month, trying to limit myself a bit better from now on, but I finally got let onto the other day so I may babble on about a few live shows.

    Euros Childs - Chops

    Hmmmm..... If you've ended up on this entry through him you'll most likely already know that he's the force behind Gorky's Zygotic Mynci.
    This is the second time I'm listening to this album today and it's already grown on me. It's full of fillers less than a minute long, so don't be fooled when you see 14 tracks that it's going to be of a decent length, it only just makes it over 30 minutes, and keep in mind that one of the tracks is eight minutes long on its own. I'm thrown both left and right over the tracks, it's full of nice laid back tunes that would probably be more fitting in Autumn but it's not really fitting my mood right now, especially the songs that I can't understand because they're not English, wasn't prepared for having to think.

    ****** (6)