• New album review (2012)

    13 Mar 2012, 15:48 by Dolphin1273

    Ethereal Pilgrim
    Free Diving - LP
    Review by: Reed Burnam

    Much to the credit of its title, Free Diving, the new album from Roman Pavlov aka Ethereal Pilgrim is just that: an extended, placid, lilting descent from a more vertical vantage point into ever increasing layers of deep blue chill-out psychedelia. The foreign worlds Pavlov creates across the 71 minutes of Free Diving’s fluid event horizon are both technically well-crafted and sonically pleasing, and taken as a whole comprise a hopeful, organic record that plays well both in the background and in your headphones.

    Allusions to water, the ocean, and the fluid movement of both mass and energy are likely to color most descriptions of the contents of Free Diving, and not just given the album’s title and song names such as “In Pacific Ocean”, “Breathe Underwater”, and “Touch of Blue Light”. The music is as hazy as sea fog and as gently swelling as a far-off breaker seen through a pane of stained glass. …