• Especially When interview!

    27 Apr 2009, 20:14 by helikoppter

    Especially When (이스페셜리 웬) is an old favorite of mine, and so I was very excited that the vocalist and genius songwriter of the band, Kyoungmo Kim (now active in Sunkyul), accepted a small interview with me for Indieful ROK. Another exciting thing that comes with that interview is a set of links for legal downloads for a bunch of Especially When songs, including Clare - which just happens to be one of the best songs ever. Read!
  • Shopping from Mr. Kwang - EPs #2

    2 May 2007, 12:13 by helikoppter

    EPs picked up from mrkwang since my last EP post.

    Cloud Cuckoo Land - 휴식...

    One might wonder why I would buy Cloud Cuckoo Land's debut EP when I wasn't that fond of their album. Well, I didn't know when I decided to get it... The five tracks on this Bubblegum Sound EP are all on the Pastel album and essentially the songs are the same. These are older recordings, with a somewhat stronger/less tame sound and instead of 김지윤, 김지선 of DeWarp is playing keyboards, but you probably wouldn't hear the difference unless you were listening for it.

    Like the album, 다시 is the standout track and the rest are either good or bland (surprise!). Still, considering that this is just an EP it comes off as better and I would probably have purchased their album even if I had heart this first. Are the songs better than on the album then? I can't decide. On one hand, I like that little extra strong feeling, on the other, the production is better on the Pastel release.