• The first tenmonths of music 2008

    20 Oct 2008, 00:23 by andyl87

    Ive been having a more metal era quite recently. Ive been listening to the christian gothmetal band Saviour Machine. Its an journey to listen to theyr albums. Ive been listening much to oldies since the royal years tour in April. Bands and Artists like The Front, Koinonia and Salt. I have also listened to
    Sarah Kelly which i met in Europe Conference. Ive got inspiration from Saviour Machine and made an big epic sounding song named Crucifiction. I read the books Touching from a distance and a book about the swedish band Kent this summer.
    Ive met many artists this year. One of the biggest rediscoveries ofmusic was an worship cassete from childhood named Come To The Light by Kevin Prosch. An totally amazing album. Check out the song Kiss The Son.
    another rediscovering i made was of Ron Kenolys Welcome Home. both are albums well worth a listening.The Ron Kenoly album is a bit more speedy nice latino rythms while Kevin Prosch is more in the veins of artists like Erik Tilling. but now ive got to go to bed, its too late again.