• tenniscoats

    20 Mar 2012, 09:12 by klienicum


    Häpna ist erklärtermaßen eines der mir liebsten labels, so fern und doch so nah. mit künstlern wie Hans Appelqvist, A Taste of Ra, mit Eric Malmberg, Anna Järvinen, Tape, Ohayo oder Musette liegt man bei dem schwedischen unternehmen fast immer richtig. ganz zu schweigen vom duo Tenniscoats, das ich bereits über mehrere jahre begleite. bereits in 2009 berichtete ich, dass ich in der vergangenheit eine menge über takashi ueno und saya zu berichten hatte...
    zwischenzeitlich tobten sich die beiden japaner bei room 40 aus und brachten dort ihr album "temporacha" heraus, während sie zuvor das großartige "tan-tan therapy" und die split 7" "lutie lutie/come maddalena" (mit tape) auf häpna veröffentlichten. mit "papa's ear" erblickte anfang 2012 ein neuer longplayer das licht der welt. saya und uneo als umtriebig zu bezeichnen, wäre noch arg untertrieben. …
  • Muxtape

    5 May 2008, 08:09 by LustrousChemist

  • Some thoughts about Melloboat 2008

    12 Mar 2008, 18:39 by Mothas

    Sat 8 Mar – 21st anniversary Schizoid Boat - Mellotronen Festival 2008

    The Melloboat Festival 2008 was really cool. I saw a little bit of all artists, but not the entire sets for all. Here are some thoughts about the festival.

    First out were Anekdoten. This was the second time I saw them. It seems that they're always hanging around were everyone can see them. First time I saw them was as warm-up for Riverside, then they went down in the audience to watch the main act and just after we boarded the ship we caught sight of them in one of the restaurants and later a couple of times later while watching other bands.

    Opeth did a really good gig. The audience was really wild and it was cool to hear a new song, even though it wasn't the one we were expecting. Looking forward to the new album.

    Also with Åkerfelt and some other band talking about how cool it would be to see Comus, that felt like a must see, which it proved to be.

  • Best of 2007!

    18 Dec 2007, 21:37 by iancorky

    Hello, what follows below is a list of my favourite 40 albums from this year. Why 40 and not 50? I do not know. Why is album #17 better than #21? It's hard to say. Of course it's only opinions and maybe in two weeks I'll want to change the list, but for now, after fairly lengthy deliberation without going crazy may I present to you the list. And yes, I know at times it may bear some resemblances to other magazines or other lists, but I went with my gut instincts, be it a popular record or not. I don't profess to be indier-than-thou. Strangely enough, sometimes mags & websites like records a lot because they are actually good..

    (Possible descriptions and likely a favourite gig list to follow soon!)

    1 - Battles - mirrored
    2 - Eric Malmberg - verklighet & beat
    3 - Stars of the Lid - and their refinement of the decline
    4 - The National - boxer
    5 - Panda Bear - person pitch
    6 - Epic45 - may your heart be the map
    7 - James Blackshaw - the cloud of unknowing
    8 - Thurston Moore - trees outside the academy
  • 2007 Top 50 List

    17 Dec 2007, 15:56 by kidindigo

    Here's my top 50 list
    going through them right now on undomondo with one mp3 from all artists included. check it out and tell me what you think please

    50 Taxi Taxi - Maps and Legends
    49 Odd Nosdam - Level level wires
    48 Arve Henriksen - Strjon
    47 The Focus Group - We're all pans people
    46 Elegi - Sistereis
    45 Roam the Hello Clouds - Near Misses
    44 Eric Malmberg - Verklighet och beat
    43 Vikter Duplaix - Bold and Beautiful
    42 Les Savy Fav - Let's stay Friends
    41 Pjusk - Sart
    40 Marbert Rocel - Speed Emotions
    39 Adjágas - Adjagas
    38 Wahoo - Take It Personal
    37 The Berg Sans Nipple - Along the Quai
    36 Tied & Tickled Trio - Aelita
    35 Waldeck - Ballroom Stories
    34 Radio Luxembourg - Diwrnod Efo’r Anifeiliaid
    33 Old Time Relijun - Catharsis in Crisis
    32 Golden Arm Trio - The Tick-Tock Club
    31 Feist - The Reminder
    30 Fanga - Natural Juice
    29 Kidkanevil - Problems and Solutions
    28 Marc Ribot - Asmodeus Book of Angels 7
  • A bitpop definition?

    3 Nov 2006, 07:01 by jPeMelin

    I just posted this in a forum under the bitpop group, but figured it deserved a journal too:

    The original question was of wether there's a definition of bitpop:

    Strictly speaking it ought to be music made mainly with 8-bit computers & game-machines, new compositions as well as original gametunes qualifies. But the term is of course new and should mainly consider newly composed music.

    Music entirely made with 8-bit computers (including the original old gametunes) are a ("higher" imho) standard of its own i'd like to call ChipTunes. Bitpop could be used in a broader general sense.

    Music where unprocessed (or human sung at all) lyrics are a feature are bordering to the lower limits of what should be considered bitpop, but clearly within as long as the music is made mainly by earlier declared standards.

    The SID-station (or similar 8-bit retro synthesizers) is not automatically qualifying. It depends entirely upon their use.
  • Best of 2005

    4 Jan 2006, 17:08 by nibus

    The end of the year means it's time for lists. So here is a cursory stab at my top songs of the year, which I suppose is a faintly odd collection. I'm not even going try to explain any of it.

    Goldmund - My Neighborhood
    Sigur Rós - Svo Hljótt
    Amerie - 1 Thing
    Eric Malmberg - Språk Och Tankestrukturer
    Canyon Country - Honey & Gold
    50 Foot Wave - Vena Cava
    Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy
    Magnétophone - Lost in Edit (Earlies remix)
    Paavoharju - Valo Tihkuu Kaiken Läpi
    His Name Is Alive - Summer Bird

    Now, here is top albums list. I've been listening to more albums than songs this year, mainly because the kind of music I've found myself listening to doesn't really lend itself to individual songs.

    Deaf Center - Pale Ravine
    Goldmund - Corduroy Road
    Canyon Country - There's A Forest In The Fire
    Sigur Rós - Takk
    Thomas Köner - Nuuk
    Julien Neto - Le Fumeur De Ciel
    Biosphere - Dropsonde
    Paavoharju - Yhä Hämärää
    Boards of Canada - The Campfire Headphase
    Eric Malmberg - Den Gåtfulla Människan