• The Dinosaur of Suomirock

    2 Jul 2012, 22:30 by Bahkasika

    Two days after appearing with some unknown singer-songwriter from the US (John Fogerty, have you heard of him?), Eppu Normaali headed to Eastern Finland. Last year they performed at Rock Cock, this time their somewhat annual visit to Kuopio was scheduled for the 16th International Kuopio Wine Festival.

    It's been four years since I last saw my favourite band of all time live, and as you might expect, nothing has really changed. I went to the festival area at around 9.30pm, as the gig was to start at 10pm. But, as often is case in events like this, there was some delay, and Eppu was unleashed onto the stage some 15 minutes late. That didn't seem to bother anyone (except two dudes who decided to have a boxing match after a few songs): the crowd was singing along all the way from the first lines of Nyt reppuni jupiset riimisi rupiset to the end of the set.

    Sadly, as Martti promised in one of the first speeches, there was pretty much just the 90 minutes of music, no more, no less. …