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E n V o L is French for "in flight" "flying" and or "Taking Off".
In the beginning E n V o L was a name derived from the mixture of involition, evolution, and convoluted…
The symbol began as an Equilateral triangle with points or orbs at each point with a spiral in the middle representing the self, creative spark, DNA. It is concerned with the continual progression of the human species.
It is a symbol given on a strange night up in the foothills of Happy Valley Utah where a group of kids high on acid were contemplating the existence of the whole, and why it conflicted with the existence of the self…
"Look!" Says one of them pointing into the sky, "What is that?" For a moment what looks like a star suspends above the black outline of the mountains, and then just dissappears leaving a dark aura of tracers screaming across the southern sky burning the image on the back of their retina's where they could still see the streak superimposed on everything they looked at.
"Jesus!" "What the fuck!" "Let's get out of here!" They don't want to be scared, but they are. They leave, and the next morning two of them go back up to that place and find a symbol burned into the concrete water tower that looks like a blocked capitol "L" with an empty circle directly under the shorter leg.
"Was this here last night?" Asks one to the other.
"Not that I recall."
"God! You know what that looks like?"
"What?" Says the other.
"It looks like a faucet with a drop of water coming out of it."
"Holy shit! You're right!"
"And look where we're standing…"
"On water! Holy shit! Holy shit! Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
"They're communicating with us!"
Those two get this brilliant idea to build a little pyramid of rocks by the symbol and then come back the next day to see what happens. That next day there is another symbol along with the first, but the little pyramid is totally gone.
"Oh my God!"
"Sweet Jesus! This is so fucking cool!" In the place of the pyramid the new symbol sits…an equilateral triangle, each angle exactly 60 degrees, and inside a spiral, like a snail shell, strangely looking like a curled up embryo, and three distinct points above each corner.

Over the years one of those kids continued to create music on his guitar. Some called him Gordan, some "Fractalized", and all too soon he would pick up the name "Moon" after spending 5 years in Federal Prison for conspiring to steal and sell Lunar Samples from NASA on the 33rd Annniversary of Armstrong stepping on the Moon. In prison he found the time and sobriety to listen to what the guitar was saying, and in the interest of the human condition and his hope for their continued progression into space he made up his mind to use the music as a threshold, a soap box, a catalyst to help project a future species into becoming completely involved in universal events that do take place around us everyday. No more being quaranteened, the citizens of the Earth would once again have full participation and representation in Space.

He thought and thought, read and studied about the most effective way to help this cause. He realized there was already a huge awakened movement that has and is already perpetuating the motions of this very thing he wants into a reality. He no longer worried that it was going to happen, it was just a matter of time. But what if soemthing happened? What if the mass consciousness from thousands of years of wanting and wishing the end of the world to come had already set a comet in motion? Or weakened the Earths' crust just enough? Or posessed our national leaders with annihilistic tendencies. He began to see these things that would keep us from obtaining the preferred goal. "This must not happen!" He said, but how could one deter a comet? Nuclear War, or a physical globe shift of the poles producing another ice age? How could a fucked up freak of a kid effect the world around him?


E n V o L

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