• A new release from the Gods of death metal!

    22 Jun 2007, 02:24 by cirkusnisse

    I must say that after a few listenings I'm positively surprised by the new Entombed album, Serpent Saints. I was disappointed at their previous release Inferno which really didn't do it for me. It had a few good songs but one of the band's weakest releases I believe.

    The new album I feel is a step back towards the early material, the first three records primarly. It's more death metal than the death 'n roll they have been playing over their later releases. Serpent Saints has got some really good songs aswell. There are especially three songs I really like: Serpent Saints, Masters of Death and Ministry.

    I'm really looking forward to hearing some of the new songs live next weekend at the Metaltown festival!