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Formed in London 2006 by Shadow Venger & Cyclonis Niyil-ka. The band begun as a studio only project with Venger providing the music and Niyil-ka the lyrics & vocals. There was some early assistance from drummer Devastator & bassist Wraith. These 4 were in a previous band together, Stand Aside.

The band self released 2 Singles - "Chaos Torrent" (2006) and "The Destroyer" (2007), and toured the UK at the end of the year with live session players Nordrus (rhythm guitars) and Rzryx (drums). With play on over 100 radio stations worldwide, the EPs sold out quickly and the band were voted No.1 Unsigned Band and joint 7th best overall newcomer in Terrorizer magazines end of year readers polls (2007). Shadow Venger and session guitarist Nordrus decided to leave the band at the end of 2007.

New session rhythm guitarist Khorozun was recruited. A few live dates were played in 2008 including Bloodstock alongside Dimmu Borgir, At the Gates, Opeth, Nightwish, Iced earth and more with De Profundis guitarist Shoi Sengupta. Dan Harris played live for shows supporting Hecate Enthroned and Amon Amarth. The band were voted 3rd best Unsigned act by the readers of Terrorizer.

Guitarists Icaros and Yɔːgmθ joined the band in 2009 but no shows were played.

In 2010, the only remaining non-session & original member Cyclonis Niyil-ka left the band, leaving it dead. The original album nor any other releases were made by the band.

In 2011, original guitarist Shadow Venger decided to revive the band with Cyclonis for the purpose of getting the unreleased album from 2007 out there finally

"The scathing brutality of Londons Empyreal Destroyer leave very few in doubt as to whether this is the ultimate end of year metalfest with a resounding yes"- Kerrang (UK)

"With fist-pounding tracks being played tonight, it was hard not to bang your head to the well-structured chaos on display. Vocalist Cyclonis Niyil-ka cut an imposing stage presence, with a combination of grunts and screams being lapped up… And just when you thought things couldn’t get any more technical, the band outdid themselves with a cover of Death’s ‘The Philosopher’, which saw every inch of Drona-Chaarya and Khorozun’s guitar necks shredded to within an inch of their lives. A great show" - live4metal (UK)

"“For your listening pleasure: a hugely proficient slab of technical metal from this London based four piece. The constantly wandering guitar embellishments, ceaseless drum fills and general air of theatrical black metal will leave you gasping for air. This demo barely lasts a quarter of an hour, just enough time to grab you by the proverbial balls and leave you wanting more.“ - Terrorizer (UK)

"This strong melodic death metal, with a smattering of black, thrash and traditional metal influences, is blessed with a great sound that allows the excellent material to shine. There are touches of Arch Enemy to the track Cyclonic Beast - which has has moments of real brilliance - There are enough diverse elements blended sucessfully together to keep things sounding fresh." - Zero Tolerance Magazine (UK)

"they create a thin force-field between conciousness and reality that is easily crossed" - Crave Magazine (USA)

"Classical + metal results in a filthy darkened landscape of sound that betrays the norm and unleashes a torrent of sickened blackness. Empyreal Destroyer boasts technical riffage with blackened death influences as well as symphonic death. Heaps of talent here. Bang it!" – Smother Magazine (USA)

"Technical as fuck Melodic Death Metal. This UK group has released aggressive, fist pounding, symphonic metal. Harmonizing guitars giving the aggression just enough emotion and drive, making the songs very unique. An insanely skilled drummer, whose technicality intensifies each guitar riff. Slam all the best elements of Arch Enemy and Dream Theater (without the keyboards) and a dash of Black Metal just for shits and grins and you will be on the right track. This is an incredible release that must be heard by all. This is a call to arms Brutal Maniacs. Buy The Destroyer, then buy a BRUTALISM shirt from Twan!!! - Brutalism (Holland)

"Describing the genius found throughout the Chaos Torrent EP would be impossible. Imagine the most technical, depressive, and progressive guitarists you've ever heard. Now throw them all in a blender with sprinkles of Dark Tranquility's drummer, and Attila Csihar for some extra spice, and you might possibly come close to matching the sound. One can't even call most of these guitar pieces solos because most of the album not only features them over immense sections which one can barely make out as they flow with the music so well, but the most intense parts are steaming hot from speed and crystal fucking clear in productions. Absolutely amazing." - Heathen Harvest (USA)

"These island boys talents are accentuated in every song and they know how to keep the listener satisfied with their sound which breathes a fresh breath of life into their genre." - Schwermetall (Austria)

"technical thrashing battle/death/black/blue/green/whatever the hell metal, tales of cyclonic beasts and inverted circles and why use one note then a thousand can be shoehorned in. These people do not deal in subtlety, they do deal in galloping histrionics and growling vocals, epic constructions piled up on towers of screaming guitars and thrashing drums and about as metal as metal can be" - Organ (UK)

"For anyone who’s ever wondered what it would sound like if Mayhem and Dragonforce had a jamming session, today may be your lucky day" - Live 4 metal (UK)

"mixing tons of aggressive death / black metal and melodic (heavy metal) elements into the pot, as well as that rather nice guitar solo action ala Maiden. If you’re an open-minded metal listener I’d recommend checking this band out and if not, I’d recommend checking them out anyway as it’s different, interesting and shows what musicians can do with imagination. I like" - Pull the chain (Belgium)

"This is the kind of metal you just put on and go nuts upon, no getting into required as it hits you everywhere you try to hide." - FYU (Belgium)

"is a technical black/death metal band with the sounds of debauchery. This four track album gives you the highs and lows that only a black/death metal band can. Their title track The Destroyer is filled with hard hitting riffs and odd time signature solos. This is one of the black/death metal albums you want to listen all the way through and not skip any songs. I was very impressed with the track Hunting Humans it’s lyrically really good and catchy an all around good moshing song. I also was really digging on the melodic solos in all the tracks, these guys are very talented and worth a listen. It has some of the feeling of band I and old school black metal like Emperor with a dash of death metal." - Metal Storm Magazine

"To listen to insanity from the onset brings tears of joy to my face… this is contemporary metal for all you devil loving metallers (roughly translated) - The Pit (Germany)

"Empyreal Destroyer lurk in the twilight world between death and black metal mixing furious blastbeating sections with brutal slower passages. Tempo changes were precise and the band were very tight… Quality Set" - Chopmusic (UK)

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